We sprinkle this dish with a crumb topping.

Comfort Bakes

Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo

Enjoy Marie Callender's® delicious oven-roasted white-meat chicken and broccoli in a creamy Alfredo sauce over cavatappi pasta, sprinkled with a delicious crumb topping.

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I have the worst time finding frozen dishes that are simple and tasty. This was one of the best microwavable meals I have ever eaten!!! Perfect comfort food - can't wait to try other flavors!


Great Lunch

I am a Teacher On the Go and I was in Publix this morning picking up a few items before I came to work. I didnt want to eat the schoosl lunch today so I said I would pick up a frozen lunch. I usually grab a steamfresh by Bird's Eye, but Marie Callender's caught my eye at the end of the freezer case. It is by far the best frozen dinner I have ever had. I will be going back to pick up more for my lunch for the rest of the week.


More Comfort Bakes, please!!!

I feel in love the first time I tried a frozen meal from Marie Callender's. Delicious!!! I purchased this one for my lunch. A very good meal and I love the fact that it is under 500 calories. I look forward to trying the Mac and Cheese next.


I loved it!

This was a very tasty meal as far as frozen food is considered. I will be having it again for lunch soon. I was very impressed!



You know a product is good when not only do you tell your husband "this frozen meal I am eating is not just passable, it's delicious" but you go online to find out other options and leave a review. This was REALLY good. I wish these products were cheaper, as everything I've tried from Marie Callendar so far has been high quality.


Very yummy

Fans of Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo need not look any further. Marie has this recipe down. A family favorite for sure.


Great dish

My whole family really enjoys this dish. We keep several in the kitchen so that whenever hunger strikes, we can fix something up quickly and easily.


A great selection

I've head this one 2 nights in a row and I may have it again tonight.I just love it.A warm creamy(not too creamy),chickeny casserole with curly noodles and broccoli bites & topped with toasted breadcrumbs .Totally satisfying on a winter night.


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