We sprinkle this dish with a crumb topping.

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Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo

Enjoy Marie Callender's® delicious oven-roasted white-meat chicken and broccoli in a creamy Alfredo sauce over cavatappi pasta, sprinkled with a delicious crumb topping.

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chicken alfredo bake.

I bought this before & it was fantastic. But something has changed in the recipe & now after 3 more tries of the family size IT TASTE like eating RAW GARLIC.

love marie callenders

Very Disappointed

I have bought and enjoyed many Marie Callender's products in the past. However, the Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo was seriously lacking in Alfredo sauce. The whole dish was very dry and while the flavor was good, the lack of moisture really spoiled the dish.



I like other products and when I saw this in the freezer at the store, couldn't pass it up. Really good. easy to fix. big chunks of chicken. and yes I will buy it again.



The flavor was actually pretty good, but the chicken was inedible. Not sure what part of the chicken it came from, but it wasn't chewable. Would not buy again. Very disappointed.


I stopped buying marie calllendar's meals mainly due to the calorie content. With the new baked meals there are so many options now. I tried the chicken & broccoli.... it was great! I look forward to trying the others! Thank You for offering a lower calorie option!!! Lean Cuisine watch out! B :)



Just had to write and thank you for this product. The other microwave meal brands I have had have been good, but usually very bland tasting. This one is very tasty and flavor able. I thought the first time I tried it, I may have thought this because I was very hungry, but that was not the case. Each one has been just as tasty. Thank you.



Loved it but when I went back to Safeway and Fry's they didn't have any. Was this a one shot deal?


Already Almost Perfect

My family and I absolutely love this dish! We usually pair it with a side salad and garlic bread. My only suggestion would be to maybe add a little more flavor to the chicken. Maybe make the chicken blackened, that would be totally awesome!!


Overly Salted And Unedible

Ordinarily, we love your products. But my wife just bought your Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo entree and said it's a salty mess! She took one bite and refuses to eat it. Please refund our money


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