We make this pie with real bananas.

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Banana Cream Pie

Enjoy a rich and luscious custard filling, made with real bananas, nestled in Marie Callender's® flaky pie crust, and topped with whipped topping and a generous portion of toasted almond slices.

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Wonderful pie

We finally bought a Banana Cream Pie to try. It was just wonderfully delicious. We also enjoyed the pie with some fresh banana. So yummy. We now bring a Banana Cream Pie home every time we shop. Thank you for making such a yummy dessert.


Pretty good

My family and I really enjoyed the pie this was our first Marie Callendar's pie. I have always been skeptical about purchasing frozen pies I didn't think I would enjoy it. To my surprise it was delicious. My only complaint is there was more whip cream than banana cream and also the texture of the almonds once the pie thaws out takes away from the pie. I plan to purchase this pie and the coconut cream for Thanksgiving I think my family will enjoy the pies.

kell marie

Australian's Love Your Delicious Goodies.

I am writing this from Shellharbour on the east coast of New South Wales to tell you how much I appreciate your products being available in Australia. I believe that America is the dessert capital of the world, and my son tells me that is the only reason I want to go there. Thou I have never left Australian souls, he's proberbly telling the truth as everything is bigger and better there, right! I would not of got to try The famous Banana Cream Pie which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I am looking forward to enjoying more delicious treats from your range. (thou the range is not huge here as of yet) August 2014. Thank you for your time. Sharon


Surprised and Delighted

Last time I went to buy a banana cream pie, the store was out of Marie Calendar's so I bought another brand. Very sad. Not even close. When I'm too lazy to bake from scratch, Marie Callendar's is my go-to!

Too Lazy to Bake

Consumer Affairs
August 21, 2014

That is sad, but we're happy to be your go-to pie and are thrilled to hear how much you enjoy them. Thanks for being such a big fan!

Just like homemade.

I really liked your banana cream pie except for one thing. You put sliced almonds on top probably for looks but when eating the pie, they get mixed with the filling and actually ruin the texture of the cream pie. I wish you would leave them out. Otherwise the pie tastes just like homemade and the best I've tasted of frozen pies.


Banana Cream Pie

I decided to try this pie since we like the coconut cream pie so well. I was very disappointed in this product. It states it is made with real bananas. My problem I could not taste a single banana in this pie! The custard had no flavor at all. It tasted like whipped cream and crust. May I suggest at least some banana flavoring in the custard! I will not be buying this version again, a complete waste of money spent for it!


Almost like being in the USA!

This pie is delicious, each time I have it I am taken back to the USA.



I love your banana cream pie. This was was my first time buying but certainly not the last. OMG this is a really delicious pie. My whole family loves it! Keep up the great recipes looking forward to trying more of your pies.


Simply the best!!

I have only recently discovered your "Banana Cream Pie" and have never tasted anything so divine in my 54 years. I seek it out whenever I do my weekly shopping??.am I a hopeless cream pie addict? I feel I must be. Keep up the good work. Cheers from a very satisfied Aussie.


Very disappointing pie..

I was expecting a lot of banana flavor with slices of banana in the pie. The flavor was very weak, I could barely taste the banana, and there were no detectable pieces of banana at all. I was surprised to see that you claim it is made from real bananas. The crust was also very dry and too thick. All in all I was very disappointed, and will never buy another of these pies.


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