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Banana Cream Pie

Enjoy a rich and luscious custard filling, made with real bananas, nestled in Marie Callender's® flaky pie crust, and topped with whipped topping and a generous portion of toasted almond slices.

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best pie i ever had

just the right mix of flavors that make it melt in your mouth


Coconut Cream Pie

This pie is the greatest ever. The merangue topping is great also

Gypsy Star

One of the best!!!

I have just purchased a Banana Cream Pie and find it to have the best flavor and texture, like homemade. I will certainly purchase more of the same.



I have tried many cream pies in my lifetime and this one is by far the best! The only thing I would change is to remove the almond slivers from the top. I don't feel they add anything to the flavor but it's easy enough to flick them off when the pie is still frozen. I get such cravings for this pie that I have to travel to a store farther from home to buy one! Our local store, for some insane reason, no longer carries the Banana Cream. If I lived alone, my freezer would be filled with many of Marie Callender's frozen foods!!


Awesome Pie

Had excellent flavor, great crust, and the almonds were nice as well.


This Joint is craazzzyyy..!!!

went to Walmart on a snack binge and looked for the apple crust but ran across this ....took it home and killed it in 2 days....now thats a pie worth every bite....this is that late night snack ....hands down....every ingredient is balanced to the T....you'll love it....

D0NK1NG aka Mr.LateNite

My Weakness

When I buy this pie, I make excuses to go to the kitchen just to get a piece. The crust* is so outstanding, the custard very tasty, and the whipped cream on top is very, very good. I take this pie to special occasions with a little doctoring; I remove the almonds, slice fresh banana and insert into pie, reswirl the whipped cream, and reapply almonds. It's so much better than when I make it homemade. The Coconut Cream pie is so very good, also. *your frozen pie crust is the best! I will not buy any other brand. When my local market stopped carrying Callender pie crust, I emailed your website and was sent a form to fill out to have it brought back (my homemade pie crust is never as good as Marie Callender's). Luckily for my husband, as I wouldn't bake a pie without one, my market now stocks again!

Marie Callender Fan

My Weakness

My first time eating this most delicious Banana Cram Pie was on Mother's Day Sunday May 12,2013, The taste is like no other pie I have every had. It melt in your mouth and keep you wanting more. I found myself sneaking and eating the majority of the pie in the kitchen with a spoon. I didn't want to share it at all. I am going to buy another one just for myself. I told my mother about it and now she want one. Thank you for taking my taste buds on a magical journey.


Banana Cream Pie

This is a delicious pie that will surprise you when you taste its rich filling. I have never bought a pie from the frozen section of the grocery store that had this great taste. I like it better than those from the bakery. I would recommend it highly and you will not be disappointed.


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