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Lemon Meringue Pie

4.2 / 5 (68)

Savor our "sky high" golden-brown meringue atop a zesty, creamy lemon filling, all wrapped up in our famous flaky, made-from-scratch crust.

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  • The Lemon Maringue

    This pie rarely makes it to the defrosted stage before i get to it. The pie is delicious .i have tried all of the overnight thaw pies and the lemon maringue is your top pie ,it has just the right amount of maringue and lemon to compliment each other ,and the real lemon taste like real lemon ,its a great pie . callendar guy

    callendar guy in pa

  • 1st time for everything I guess

    I bought a Lemon Meringue pie the other day and was so disappointed when I got ready to eat it----someone forgot to put the lemon in the pie -it kinda tasted like a vanilla pie. I have had lots of your pies and have loved everyone but wanted you to know. I will continue to buy your pies because I love them but sure hope that never happens again. And yes I will continue to recommend them.

    Viv in Norwalk Ohio

  • 5 stars

    The current Lemon Meringue Pie is excellent, with the regular pie crust. Just like what my mom made. Trouble is finding a store that stocks it. Most stores carry a variety of your pies, but every time I find a store that has the lemon meringue pie, sure enough they quit stocking it.

    elmer fudd in Clearwater, FL

  • Absolutely the best Lemon Pie ever sold in retail history!

    The most consistant product on the market. Every time I buy one of the pies, I know that it will be the best dessert at the table. Fresh tasting like it just came from the oven! The lemon is perfect and definately fluffy, piled hight, meringue. The crust is always flaky as homemade and tasty to the end. I have also baked the Cherry crumb pie a few times and love it too! It is never a mistake to rely on Marie Callender's pies from fruit, to cream to meat pies! Absolutely the best on the market!

    Moonchild88 in Custer, Washington

  • lemon meringue pie

    Excellent so close to homemade. Have told many people about this pie. Carolyn

    carhetz in cross plains wi.


    My father recently passed away. When I was cleaning out his freezer, I found one of these pies. I took it home, thawed it, and can't believe how good it is! I'm not really, or should say wasn't a fan of Lemon Meringue pie...but it was absolutely delicious. A thick top of foamy meringue, and lemon filling that was just right! Well done!

    lesd40 in Findlay, Ohio

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Lemon Meringue Pie