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Lemon Meringue Pie

Take time to savor Marie Callender's® "sky high" golden-brown meringue atop a creamy filling bursting with refreshing and tangy lemon flavor. It's all wrapped up in our famous flaky pie crust.

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lemon pie

this pie is great best frozen lemon pie I have bought much better than Edwards pies. Definitely will pie again!! Delicious


The Lemon Maringue

This pie rarely makes it to the defrosted stage before i get to it. The pie is delicious .i have tried all of the overnight thaw pies and the lemon maringue is your top pie ,it has just the right amount of maringue and lemon to compliment each other ,and the real lemon taste like real lemon ,its a great pie . callendar guy

callendar guy


This is the best lemon pie I have ever eaten (and I've eaten a lot). I was skeptical when I first bought one because I couldn't believe a frozen lemon pie could possibly be good. Wow was I suprised. The lemon was the perfect consistancy of sweet and tangy, the meringue was light and fluffy, and the crust was flaky. I really like that you can slice it frozen for 1 or 2 servings without thawing the whole pie. Yes it takes a little effort, running a knife under hot water helps, it's well worth the effort. Hubby loves it too. Thanks Marie



Was recommended by a friend, and was delicious, will buy and recommend it also.....


Unbelievably Scrumptious!

Perfect crust, just right lemon flavor and sweetness and the meringue is light, fluffy and delicious. Looks beautiful and tastes great.


Best frozen pie

This is the best frozen pie I have had. I tried Edwards and they were terrible. I love the plastic wrapping that keeps the pie in one shape. Awesome flavor too.


Just like I remember my mother used to make. Thank you for the memories.

mamaw of 3

Amazing taste !!!!!!

This Lemon Meringue Pie is so very good. The lemon flavor and the Meringue, not to mention the crust is all a 10++. It has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid, my Mom used to make it for me, and I can honestly say that your Lemon Meringue is better than my Mom,s was. I cannot say enough about it, once I buy one, I can't wait to have a peice of that wonderful lemon taste everyday till it is gone. YUMMY !!!!!!! Thanks a meringue heap. Cheryl.



This is the best store bought Lemon Meringue Pie, ever. I love this pie a lot. I've been known to buy 1 a month. I could never tire of this one. Please, do not change the recipe.


Fantastic Pie.

This is the best pie on the market, and that is the way my whole family feels. They all love it.


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