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Cheesy Chicken & Rice

Gather the family around for the made-from-scratch goodness of Marie Callender's Cheesy Chicken & Rice. With tender, white-meat chicken and rice tossed with broccoli and smothered in a cheesy sauce, it's delicious, oven-baked taste from the microwave.

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Rich, Satisfying Cheesy Chicken, Rice, and Broccoli

The chicken tastes really good, much better than the quality of the chicken in most other frozen meals. The dish tastes homemade.


Wonderful Dish!

Great Homemade taste! Plenty of ingredients in every bite, not just rice...Best Frozen meal in a landslide...


Very Convienent!!!

Great taste!! Easy to keep count of calorie intake!! Really good taste and healthy in one meal......



I love this one! Great taste and the chicken is all white meat!


A must for the cooking impaired.

Not more than 2 mins ago I just finished this exact product and I am fully satisfied. With a dash of salt and pepper it tastes just like how mom used to make it. I'm impressed Marie!... off to try another.


Melt in your mouth goodness!

Easy to heat and ready to eat! Perfect for people that don't know how to cook..and just do not have the time like myself. End result, an empty plate and a satisfied me.


Best frozen dinner I've ever tried

Cheesy Chicken & Rice comes very close to homemade in terms of taste and quality. The flavor seems to have a little more depth than most frozen dinners. They should really call it Cheesy Chicken, Rice & Broccoli because I love the fact that it has a good amount of broccoli in it. Other frozen food makers sometimes put just a tiny amount of vegetables in their dinners. Not every store carries it in my hometown, so I make a point to visit stores that do carry this particular flavor. (Stop & Shop carries it, also Super Walmart, but not Shaw's, unfortunately.) Best on the market, as far as I can tell!


Pleasantly Surprised - Really Hit the Spot!

Cheesy Chicken & Rice was my very first Marie Callender purchase. I get so frustrated by wasting money on frozen meals that are not eatable! I was ecstatic to find a microwavable meal that was DELICIOUS! I am a VERY picky eater, so this is saying a lot. I added butter, a personal preference. I could do without the mushrooms...don't think it adds anything to this wonderful "comfort" food. It's tasty, filling and all-around satisfying. Can't wait to try another MC; hopefully I will find more selections as good as this dish! ** Pleasantly Surprised **


Good Eating

Had this last night. I thought it was delicious! I'm dieting, counting calories and couldn't believe it was under 500 calories. Tasted like something I should not have!!!! Very good!!!!



I really love the cheesy chicken and rice dinners. For those of you complaining about there not being enough flavor, add some ranch! I know it sounds gross, but it adds some creaminess to it. Not enough cheese? When it's done cooking, add some shredded cheese to the top! Also, there still is the wild rice in it, just not as much as there used to be. Anyways, this is my favorite of the MC dinners. A close second would be the beef and broccoli. Just add some soy sauce, and you have a winner there too!


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