We use premium white-meat chicken.
Under 500 Calories


Cheesy Chicken & Rice

Discover an amazing dish: simmered white-meat chicken, broccoli, and rice in a delicious creamy cheese sauce.

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My Fav

I add a little Hot sauce and its Yummy. I buy at least one of these every trip to store.


Not for me

Had a strong smoke flavor to it that I could barely choke down, Was okay over all and some will like it but as I mentioned this one is not for me


This is the Second Best Marie Callender's Entree

I really loved this meal. The portion size is large and filled me up but I have taken to splitting it in half and eating half for lunch and half for dinner. I picked out the mushrooms though because I really don't like mushrooms. I have eaten about 15 of these Cheesy Chicken and Rice meals and they have all been fresh and good. The broccoli is really good. The BEST Marie Callendar Entree is the the Teriyaki Chicken.


Yuck! I hate mushrooms!

Why did you spoil the chicken & rice by putting fungus on it?? I don't wear my reading glasses when I shop so I did not notice that it said mushrooms on it. If I had seen it, I would not have purchased it. Do you have any cheese/chicken/rice without fungus? Now I have to figure out what else to have for dinner. I love most of your other foods - I walk right by the other names to find Marie. But I can't handle mushrooms.


Where are the mushrooms?

I've bought this product twice now and seem to wonder why there are so many mushrooms pictured on the box as there are only one or two in each serving! I will not be buying this particular product again, as it does not stand up to the standards of other Marie Callender products!!


go back to the original recipe

My co-worker and I loved it before when it was made with the original recipe. Now it goes back on rotation with the other frozen meals.


cheesy chicken & rice dinner

Surprisingly very good.Loved the rice and cheesy sauce. Could use a few more pieces of chicken though not quite enough.Have bought it two weeks in a row so it must be good!


What a waste

Can't speak to the quality of the food as I was unable to taste it. Prepared food as directed in the microwave. Picked up container and it literally folded in half spilling the entire meal on my hand, down the counter and onto the floor.


To Die For!!

This dinner lives up to its name!! It is so cheesy and delicious!! There is so much food I can never finish, so I have a meal for later!



It's like a homemade meal. And I didn't have to cook!!


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