We use premium white-meat chicken.
Under 500 Calories


Cheesy Chicken & Rice

Discover an amazing dish: simmered white-meat chicken, broccoli, and rice in a delicious creamy cheese sauce.

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To Die For!!

This dinner lives up to its name!! It is so cheesy and delicious!! There is so much food I can never finish, so I have a meal for later!



It's like a homemade meal. And I didn't have to cook!!



This tastes amazing. If you're looking for a spicy taste, I recommend adding a dash of Sriracha sauce, or a few shakes of crushed red pepper. It tastes amazing!


This is one of my favorite dinners

This is awful strange!! Unless you are watching me? My microwave is beeping because my "Marie Calendars cheesy chicken & rice dinner just finished cooking." That gave me a chill!


I Understand & Agree With Just About All Reviews In One Way or Another...

At the beginning of January 2012 I began having Marie Calendar meals as the main source of my food. This was because I was a full time student, mother of two daughters and also the primary care giver while my mom was suffering from brain cancer. So if there was a meal to be eaten that didn't include my kids, it was a Marie Calendar meal of some type! There are times where each point that was praised or complained about in the reviews I have encountered! The meals over all are wonderful, however I do agree with those who stated that the quality and taste has declined in the past 12-18 months (give or take). I realize that the ingredients may be the same, but then, maybe its the quality of the ingredients. I know how several meals are packaged has changed as well. If you eat multiple meals, you will find differences in quality of meat and other primary ingredients which is odd. But still, I love the meals and will continue to have faith in Marie Calendar!


LOVE this stuff!!

The only complaint is that I can't find it in every grocery store in my area. They only sell it locally at Walmart. When I go there, I buy at least 4 boxes or more. Perfect lunch. I don't care much for mushrooms, and don't remember it having mushrooms when I first tried it, but I can eat around those. I had some for lunch today!!


Not quite right

The taste was okay--mostly cheese and rice and broccoli, but in the one I tried only a few pieces of chicken were worth eating. Most were full of grisel. Only a few mushrooms. I would give it a 4 out of 10.


Where's the mushrooms????

Didn't taste bad....but barely a speck of mushroom in my meal!! The dinner looked nothing like the picture on the package. I am highly disappointed!



This is my favorite frozen meal. It's got the perfect balance of food types, good flavor with the cheese sauce, tastes fresh like all Marie's meals, and it's a nice portion.


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