Creamy Chicken & Shrimp in a Parmesan Alfredo Sauce

Enjoy these juicy cuts of tender white chicken and succulent shrimp tossed with linguine, served with yellow zucchini and broccoli in a creamy Parmesan Alfredo sauce.

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On of my favorites

I have to disagree with a previous reviewer of this item. This meal is loaded with just the right amount of shrimp, noodles and broccoli, and is one of my favorite Marie Callender's meals.



I don't understand the negative comments on this product. I love this meal. I buy this meal at least four times a month. I've never had a problem with it. It had plenty of chicken and shrimp, the sauce was never watery. I think it's possible that the people complaining didn't give it time to cook in the microwave. I love it and as I said, I eat a lot of it. Would love some coupons for it since I have it so often.


Love this dish!!

I just wanted to say that this was the best thing I have ever tasted in my life. I always look forward to treating myself with this dish as a reward of hard work, however today, I notice that this entree was not at my store. Is there a way to bring this product back to my store? I really love it!!!

Great Eater

I buy 7 at a time - Awesome

i put 2 small holes and microwave it for 6 minutes and 11 seconds. It is very very good... mmmhmmm Sometimes I eat two meals in the same day ... ! ! !


Turkey pot pie

I have enjoyed all your pot pie. I can not believe how much meat and Vegables you put in this pie. I have also enjoyed your other meals also. Thanks and don't change anything. I'm happy to know I can fill my freezer up and we get warm food. We will stay warm this winter thank again.


Great fresh tasting shrimp and sauce

One of my favorite dishes. It is delicious. As always, very fresh, the right size portion. The chicken and the shrimp are great.

Love Marie Callender


The chicken, shrimp, pasta, and cheese all go well together. Excellent taste, fills me up, and its only about 420 calories!



A great balance between the Chicken, Shrimp, and the Parmesan Alfredo sauce. It is a perfect amount of food in one serving. I highly recommend.

Foods Best Friend

Very tasty

I like this dinner taste really good the sauce isn't water like stated above it's creamy and just delicious


Creamy Chicken & Shrimp in a Parmesan Alfredo Sauce

I really enjoyed this dinner - except I had it for lunch! The yellow zucchini and broccoli were delicious as were the chicken and shrimp. I have repurchased this already and will do so again. I didn't know it had a lower calorie count which was a surprise. This will definitely be included in my rotation of lunches to take to work.


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