We use premium, oven-roasted turkey breast.
Under 500 Calories


Roasted Turkey Breast & Stuffing

Our tender turkey medallions are served with creamy mashed potatoes, home-style stuffing, and vegetables in a savory turkey gravy.

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Keep the mashed potatoes

Keep the mashed potatoes! Note : Peas are better than frozen green beans


Why did you Change this Dinner?

This USED to be one of my all-time favorites! There was NO mashed potatoes, ONLY stuffing! I have yet to find mashed potatoes in frozen dinners that I enjoy. So, I don't buy this dinner anymore.

Turkey Lurkey

5 star meal!

I eat this dinner at least once a week, and I love them. It is always very tasty. The gravy is the ingredient that makes this one special. I have tried other brands, but I like Marie's the best.



Purchased this dinner as I am on a limited budget & it seemed like a good value. Popped it in the microwave on Wednesday after work. Anticipating everything listed on the box (turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, mixed vegetables & gravy). Sat down to eat & very quickly realized i wasnt finding any stuffing. Dug through the rest of meal & absolutely no stuffing (not even one sliver of bread). Really dissapointed! PS I indicated no to recommend to a friend but when I review it says yes I would recommend this product!?!


Wonderful meal

This meal is the closest thing to a homemade Thanksgiving meal. Bravo Marie Callender. I will be trying more of your dinners.

Susie Q

Great Dinner

Marie Callender's Turkey with Stuffing is absolutely delicious. It is great on calories also...only 320 calories per meal. It is always in my freezer.


Not what it used to be!

I have bought the roasted turkey breast and stuffing dinner for many years now and the most recent offering is sub par to say the least! Used to be the consumer got a French cut bean vegetable with cranberries (delicious I might add) - now it is a blend of rubber beans and carrots. The potatoes never used to be "grainy" as they are now. In short, I am very disappointed in the "evolution" of this great frozen dinner (perhaps for profit sake?), and wish you would go back to the quality that was offered before, even if it is more expensive to do so. Sacrificing quality for what is offered now will not succeed in the end.


Better Than the Average Frozen Turkey Dinner

This is better than the average frozen turkey dinner. For only 320 calories, it was very filling. Will buy it again. And I am so glad Marie Callender is offering meals for under 500 calories. Now this will be my go-to lunch!


One of my Favorites!

This is one of my favorite Marie Callender's meals. While I eat it throughout the year, it is always my favorite Thanksgiving dinner. Umm, ummm. Yum. In fact, I'm going to make it for lunch today.



This is one of the best frozen dinner that I have ever had, the turkey is great. Would eat it any time...


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