We use premium, oven-roasted turkey breast.
Under 500 Calories


Roasted Turkey Breast & Stuffing

Our tender turkey medallions are served with creamy mashed potatoes, home-style stuffing, and vegetables in a savory turkey gravy.

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Absolutley bland!

The only thing in this meal that had any flavor, was the stuffing - the turkey, the green beans and carrots, the mashed potatoes and the gravy had no flavor whatsoever!


Great Taste, but

This is about the traditional turkey with mashed, stuffing, gravy and green beans carrots. Great taste, but bad presentation. The last few dinners have looked like what I was served in the service in boot camp. I guess what I'm saying is make it look like the picture on the box, an I go with the individual who suggested sweet potatoes. I have a recipe for candied sweet potatoes that people go crazy for. I would also suggest a cornbread sage sausage stuffing ( I have a recipe for that too!)


Excellent except green beans & carrots

I would like broccoli for a vegetable and mashed sweet potatoes and with the Honey Roasted Turkey, I'd like stuffing and the same vegetables. Could you produce this as an alternative to the original menu.


Good but not enough turkey!

I tried the Marie Callender's Roasted Turkey Breast and Stuffing for the first time today. I do not normally eat frozen entrees, but when I'm in a pinch it is an easy lunch. First of all let me say that it was very good. The gravy was nicely seasoned and the veggies still had good texture. The only complaint that I have is that it did not have enough turkey! There was probably only 4 pieces in the dinner and the rest of it was stuffing and mashed potatoes. I will try it again, perhaps I just got one without a lot of turkey this time.


Changes made to this dinner

The roast turkey dinner has been changing again. The turkey taste and quality remains great quality. The beans are fresh and tasty, too. The carrots have become minute 1/4" specs which is unfortunate and the stuffing consistency has changed for the worse. It has a strange appearance and some odd pieces, like giblets, perhaps?


Bring back the cranberries!

Your turkey and stuffing has been my go to favorite for years for both lunch at work and home when I didn't wish to cook. It always was just a little bit of holiday goodness, a reminder of Christmas and thanksgiving. But something changed. I noted the carrots mixed with green beans and the whole meal became dull and lost that spark the cranberries provided. It's just not the same and I've gone from having them 3-4 times a month to not buying them at all. I guess the magic is gone.........., please bring it back.

Mischief's Mom

food tasty but no uniformity in content.

we purchased these meals from HEB in Temple, Tx. and believe you need more production control. One meal was almost "void" of turkey, another had no dressing. The vegetables were some whatdifferent, carrots in pieces on one, slivers in the other. The food was tasty but care should be taken to assure each meal is the same as another. Also there was no gravy on one meal. Hope you do better in the future.


Keep the mashed potatoes

Keep the mashed potatoes! Note : Peas are better than frozen green beans


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