Roasted Turkey Breast & Stuffing

Our tender turkey medallions are served with creamy mashed potatoes, home-style stuffing, and vegetables in a savory turkey gravy.

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This is a great meal when you want turkey and dressing and it isn't Thanksgiving.



I have been purchasing the pot pies and those are very good. Decided to try a tv dinner. Absolutely delicious!!! It was as close if not the same as a homemade meal. The green beans taste like they were just picked out of the garden. It was excellent, I recommend this highly.


The one with Stuffing is the Best

I am not sure why you make two turkey dinners. But always tell people to get the one with Stuffing as it is the only one I buy. I have tried the other one and just don't like it. Keep up the good work. Love it in South Carolina


Lower fat and tasty!

I recently spent a week trying to eat the same thing for lunch each day since I was trying to determine my insulin to carb ratio as part of my diabetes insulin plan. This meal fit the carb requirement perfectly and was quite good! I normally don't care for carrots but was glad to eat the little slivers included with the beans (which were very fresh tasting). The turkey was nice and moist and the stuffing was good. The potatoes could perhaps use a little tweaking, but they were fine. I usually don't buy convenience foods like this but plan to keep a few of these in the freezer in the future. Thanks for a great, tasty meal!


Perfect...Perfect Don't change a thing

Look, I've been eating this meal for many years now, back when the green beans didn't have carrots. (This, by the way, was genus...adding carrots.) There is NEVER a time there are not at least 2 of these in my freezer. Without a doubt, this combination, portion size, flavoring, and ease of prep make this meal the perfect meal for anyone, but especially for bachelors, like myself. It's real turkey breast, excellent filling, good potatoes, great veggies, and a gravy that pulls it all together. By the end of the meal, i find myself scraping the inside of the dish, trying to get every last drop of gravy. If I had the choice of only one meal for the rest of life, on a dessert island, this would be it. Now listen Conagra, this is important: Don't fix it, don't change it, don't do a thing. Don't stop making it, and make absolutely sure my stores keep selling it. If they stop, I WILL picket the store. Now, make me another choice...for variation. Give me a version with carrots and corn! And give me a "big guy's size." This size portion, plus 50%. Then, you will have answered all my gastronomic needs. Thank you, and keep up the good work!


Delicious and Perfect.

I have had both versions of the veggies in this one and I prefer the carrots/beans rather then the cranberries/beans. It's delicious in every aspect and I will continue to buy this product! Dont change a thing it's perfect!

Annie Z

Value, Value, Value!

Got this dinner on sale at my local grocer. The sale price accurately reflected the portion size but tremendously understated the flavor! The turkey was juicy and tender, the gravy had great flavor, the stuffing had all of the quality of a name brand box stuffing (which is not a bad thing in my opinion). Although the portion size was slightly less than what it would take to fill a grown man it was enough to get me through the crucial hours of my work day. I can't wait to try the rest of the MC line up.


Actually looks like the picture on the box!

I just tried this for the first time and really enjoyed everything about it! The turkey, stuffing, and potatoes were good and the vegetables tasted very fresh! I'll definitely buy this again!



These were on sale at the grocery store this week so I bought a few. This one was delicious!!!!!! As good as a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. All of it was delicious, turkey, gravy, mmmmmmm. I enjoyed it so much I went back today and bought another one.


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