Roasted Turkey Breast & Stuffing

Our tender turkey medallions are served with creamy mashed potatoes, home-style stuffing, and vegetables in a savory turkey gravy.

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I don't usually buy frozen dinners. The ones I've tried before were either not so tasty or did not have adequate portions. But we had a family situation where my son had a heart attack and was in the hospital for a couple of days so I was helping manage grandkids and other stuff. I also work 2 jobs so did not have time or energy to fix my lunch for work. I stopped at a store on my way into work and bought the turkey dinner. I was pleasantly surprised. The taste was great. Stuffing tasted like my homemade stuffing. Portions were adequate. Thank you. I think just having something pleasant in the midst of so many issues made my day.


Best I've had in Years

Recently, I had to find a convenient way to get good tasting, balanced meals that were easy to prepare. Once I tasted the roasted turkey with stuffing, there was no looking back. Not only is this meal tasty but, the portions are ample enough. Although there are other meals, my absolute favorite is the roasted turkey. In my opinion, I could eat this for a Thanksgiving meal and not notice the difference from home-cooked. I highly recommend this and I might very well be a customer for life.


Best comfort food!!

I am a fan of Maries from when I lived in Northern California in the 90's and 2000's...Great food on the east coast - I get it from Walmart and and it is always fresh!! Thanks!!


Good Stuff!!

I like this a lot. Very impressed with it. Will be a repeat customer for sure.


Reformed frozen dinner hater!

My son was a definite anti-frozen dinner person for a long time. Until there was nothing that appealed to him in the freezer so he settle for one of MY Roasted Turkey with Stuffing dinners. I was sure he would be critical of something but lo! and behold! he couldn't say enough good things. I knew that it was good but could never convice him...until now. His only complaint was that now he would have to make two of them to satisfy his big appetite. Ha! Recently he also made my mushroom chicken pie, another new found favorite, and loved it. Now I will have to stock my freezer for myself as well as him. Thanks for a great product! We also enjoy your great pies!



This turkey dinner was excellent. Far above the average boxed frozen dinner. The turkey was very tender. Potatoes were creamy as stated and the gravy and vegetables were also very good. I would definitely recommend this.


Love this Dinner

I bought a couple of these for yet another Thanksgiving alone. They were so good I started buying several each week for dinners at work. They microwave very well and if you follow the directions, everything is excellent! I have to get my local grocery to carry this one!


Very impressed with purchase

I had to write and tell you how happy I was with the purchase of this dinner. I haven't consumed frozen meals in a long time, cause honestly, I was always let down with either the taste (too salty) or appearance. The turkey pieces were thick & moist. The vegetables that came with it were plump & not heavy on the seasonings (thank you). The stuffing was awesome, I loved the taste. The serving size and calories were a big plus too. Also, very low on sugar, which is a plus for diabetic consumers. I have tried your pies & were looking to expand even more of your products in my home. I'm glad I purchased 3 more variety of meals and will be sending you my review on those as well.


I do not like the green beans & carrots side dish

I have had many of Marie Callender's frozen meals and have enjoyed many of them. I use these meals at times when I don't have time to cook. The side dish that I do not like is the one that is included with the roast turkey breast & stuffing meal.The green beans and carrots. don't seem to have much or any seasoning. I like green peas but I have not found many of your meals that include them. If this were the case I can always add butter and/or salt to this vegetable. Maybe if the green beans were precooked with seasonings it would be better and the carrots maybe glazed, but a side dish alone.


Great Dinner

Marie Callender's Turkey with Stuffing is absolutely delicious. It is great on calories also...only 320 calories per meal. It is always in my freezer.


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