Roasted Turkey Breast & Stuffing

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88% recommend this product.

Savor tender turkey breast served with creamy mashed potatoes, homestyle stuffing, and vegetables in a hearty gravy.

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  • Good Stuff!!

    I like this a lot. Very impressed with it. Will be a repeat customer for sure.

    petunia in Texarkana AR

  • Best I've had in Years

    Recently, I had to find a convenient way to get good tasting, balanced meals that were easy to prepare. Once I tasted the roasted turkey with stuffing, there was no looking back. Not only is this meal tasty but, the portions are ample enough. Although there are other meals, my absolute favorite is the roasted turkey. In my opinion, I could eat this for a Thanksgiving meal and not notice the difference from home-cooked. I highly recommend this and I might very well be a customer for life.

    MuchMan in Tucker, GA

  • Really good.

    Marie's tv dinner taste more like homemade than the others. I tried this dinner and was really surprised how good it was.

    Jens mom in Asheville Nc

  • My favorite

    I want to thank you for helping lose 25 lbs with your low calorie filling meals, not only the turkey,but the chicken and beef dinners are great. I credit you entirely for my success! Thanks for a thinner 2014. Diane Burt

    Dianeb in Plymouth ma

  • Very impressed with purchase

    I had to write and tell you how happy I was with the purchase of this dinner. I haven't consumed frozen meals in a long time, cause honestly, I was always let down with either the taste (too salty) or appearance. The turkey pieces were thick & moist. The vegetables that came with it were plump & not heavy on the seasonings (thank you). The stuffing was awesome, I loved the taste. The serving size and calories were a big plus too. Also, very low on sugar, which is a plus for diabetic consumers. I have tried your pies & were looking to expand even more of your products in my home. I'm glad I purchased 3 more variety of meals and will be sending you my review on those as well.

    sunflower1 in muskegon, MI

  • Best T.V. Dinner On Market ( Hands Down )

    I am an 81 year old (plus a little) "geezer" who has just about outlived all my family and friends. Eat two meals a day - - usually breakfast is at neighborhood restaurant so I can enjoy my coffee and newspaper. My second meal is around 4 pm which almost always consist of a T.V. Dinner - sometimes a side of vegetables. I have tried most of Marie Callender's Dinners and this is albolutely the BEST of all I have tried. I always enjoy this one on Thanksgiving and Christmas and several times during the year. Oh, yes and I always include chilled Cranberry Sauce. I hope the manufacturer NEVER removes this dinner from their list of meals offered. Thank you, thank you for keeping an old man happy and well with your products.

    Lee in Bartlett, Tennessee

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Roasted Turkey Breast & Stuffing