We sprinkle this dish with real Parmesan cheese.
Under 500 Calories

Fresh Flavor Steamers

Three Cheese Tortellini

A great Italian-inspired recipe, this delicious meal has cheese-filled tortellini in a creamy marinara sauce topped with basil and Parmesan cheese.

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where did it go?

I love the three cheese tortellini but I cannot find it at several different grocery store locations in my area. I cannot even select this product to find out where to buy because it is not in the drop down menu. I hope this doesn't mean it was discontinued!


I miss you!

My local stores also stopped carrying the steamers...I really, really hope they aren't being discontinued, cause this is the only TV dinner I buy :-(


Love these but my store doesn't carry them...

I love the Tortellini Steamers, but for some reason nearly every store in my city no longer carries them. On the off chance I find them hidden away in the store freezer section, I buy all of them. Yummy!



I have been eating these for lunch at work every day for the past few years. I just love them! I don't know what I would do if they stopped making these. I don't ever want to eat anything else for lunch anymore! They are tasty, fast and easy to prepare (no stirring and putting back in the microwave), and a perfect portion for me. I've had some issues finding it -- a year or two ago, the local grocery stores stopped carrying this particular variety. I panicked, thinking it was discontinued, but that is not the case thankfully. I can still find them at local Target and WalMart.


On my weekly shopping list.

Really tasty considering that the calorie count is not outrageous. I usually pair this with green beans for a complete meal. I sometimes mix some grilled chicken into the tortellini for an extra kick, but it's good just the way it is. Sometimes a couple of the tortellinis will come out hard, but for the most part, it's a good frozen meal that I can make quickly and enjoy after a long day.


Not too good

This is a little bit difficult to make and also not that good. It does not have that much pasta and barley any sauce. The taste is also lacking in the pasta, filling, sauce, and spices.



This was my first Marie Callender's meal, and I am thoroughly impressed with their products. Taste was phenomenal and with a great sauce!


Not very good

The pasta never cooked, it was hard. The sauce had a good flavor but not enough of it. Didnt like at all.


the tortellini was way too chewy. It was as if I had bubble gum in my mouth. I was truly disappointed.


Too many tomatoes

I must confess I don't like tomatoes but I don't pick them out of food either. I really like the taste and flavor of the three cheese tortellini but there were too many tomatoes for my preference.


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