Large Desserts

Large Desserts. Make Every Day Feel Special. Make every day one to savor with our delicious dessert pies. Like everything we prepare, our frozen pies are made with the highest quality ingredients and signature, special touches.

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Don't forget to add some real cream goodness to your holiday pies with Reddi-wip!

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How does Marie Callender's make apple pie unforgettable? Fresh Fuji apples in a golden crust, baked to perfection. (0:15)

Cream Pies

Luscious fillings, creamy whipped topping, and flaky pastry or crunchy cookie-crumb crusts make each of our cream pies something special to savor.

Premium Fruit Pies with Pour Over Glazes

The tantalizing taste you've always loved comes with a new special touch—rich, decadent glazes to drizzle over each irresistible bite. So any day, or occasion, can be a savory celebration.

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