We start with our famous flaky crust.

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Cherry Crunch Pie

Red, ripe, perfectly sweetened cherries are nestled in Marie Callender's® famous flaky pie crust and topped with her sweet and crunchy brown sugar streusel. Freshly baked and warm from your oven, this sweet treat is sure to please.

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Good, but.....

I had company and fixed this cherry pie. It was good but as someone else mentioned, it is way too sweet. That was the comment all around from my company. Please cut down on the sugar...why does it have to be that a sweet?


Amazing! And with crumb topping

I don't like apple pie but it has crumb topping. I've been waiting for someone to realize that the yummy crumb topping can be amazing on cherry pie too. I am so excited about this pie. I want to buy 100s in case they stop making it. It's perfect, delicious and wonderful in every way. Thank you Marie Calendar's!!!!!!!!


Way too sweet

I was so looking forward to having some "home-baked" pie. While this was full of cherry flavor, it was too, too sweet. It was hard to even finish a small slice. Very disappointing.


Best Pie I've ever had.

I really love the Cherry Crunch Pie. As to recommending to a friend, Absolutely, especially if they're inviting me over...



The tartness of the Cherries is great! Love the Crumble crust!


Not worth it

Where's the fruit. Come on gimmie a cherry terrible.



We love this tart cherry treat. It may not come out of the pie form in a pie shape, but the sweet tangy taste more than makes up that the appearance. In my opinion, the lack of crust just means more yummy cherries.

Oh Pie! Mo' Pie!

More like cherry slop

The pie crust was so stuck to the pie tin that even a chisel wouldn't have helped. Once I was able to get some of the pie out of the tin and onto a plate it looked like cherry crumble. The taste was ok but it looked awful and the crust was still stuck to the tin.



We often buy and love the Cherry Crunch pie as well as all your pies. This was the first time we opened the box and found a pie but no package of "crumb topping". Had to make our own but was not as good. Your Peanut butter pie is outstanding!! Keep up the great work as we use all your product line. Sincerely,


...mucho 'lish-o...

OMG...OMG...! My wonderful wifey, 1st anniversary today, just bought this pie and popped it in the oven. I didn't know until it's sweet and crusty aroma lifted my nose off the NFL game that I was watching. In the kitchen I saw a bag of sweet crumbles and I was all like, "Is that a Brown Betty, a 'Cobbler that you're baking?" "Not exactly..." she said. "It's a Marie's Cherry Pie with a 'crumble topping." Well, yes it is! I'm eating a healthy looking slice right now, and believe me...you want to, you need to go out and get one of these, lmmediately! This pie is warm, rich cherry-fruity, and 'lish!


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