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Dutch Apple Pie

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88% recommend this product.

Treat yourself to a classic, made with 100% fresh Fuji apples, baked up in our signature flaky, made-from-scratch crust, and sprinkled with streusel.

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  • Best apple pie I have ever had

    This pie is unbelievable! Literally light years ahead of the homemade pies I have purchased at the farmers market or grocery store for comparison sake. Some things are not better homemade and this is one of those things.

    Brian in Missouri

  • It's Worth Eating Just For The Crust!

    Usually store bought pies are, well, lame. I just tried MC's for the first time and wow! What a surprise! The crumb was perfect and the crust was better than homemade. Yes...better! Oddly, the apples were the weak spot. An unusual texture. But that crust! Great job.

    Nicky in Columbus, OH

  • Dutch Apple crumb pie. Great Great product!

    I had bought this Dutch Apple crumb pie for the holidays but did not use it until 1/8. Thought this would be good with a light meal. This was not just any store bought pie. This was the best store bought pie I have ever had. I did cover lightly with foil while baking so the crust would not get to brown and uncovered when it came time to put the topping on. I did cook 15 mins. longer than the pkg. suggested because of having a older oven. I also turned oven down to 375. This pie also had the best crust of any pie I have had. It was so flaky. I will buy this pie again.

    Happy Camper!! in Waynesville, NC

  • Love this pie

    We have purchased this pie on several occasions and everyone who has eaten it, loves it. My mother-in-law thought it was homemade! I just follow the instructions on the package. Make sure you put it on a baking sheet as the instructions tell you to do and then you won't have to worry about the pie pan being flimsy.

    Crazy Cat Lady in Duluth, GA

  • It's Vegan! It's Vegan! It's Vegan!

    As the mother of a Vegan in a family where no one else is, I often scramble to find treats for holidays that my son can enjoy. This pie is so delicious and that everyone loves it, and it's Vegan so my son can enjoy it as well. Thank you, Marie Callender!

    SharonDK in Boston, MA

  • Dutch Apple Pie

    It has been some time since I last bought one of your pies. So when i bought this pie I was looking forward to a great treat and I was not disappointed at all! I have definitely missed out by not making this a regular.

    Welcome back! We hope you will be a regular again and continue to enjoy this pie and other varieties. We're happy to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!

    Maverick in South Jordan, Utah

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Dutch Apple Pie