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Dutch Apple Pie

Marie Callender's® Dutch Apple masterpiece begins with 100% Fuji apples, pure cane sugar, and a dash of cinnamon, all in our rich and flaky pastry. Sprinkle on our delicious streusel at just the right time and let it bake to golden perfection. Then, relax and enjoy.

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I'm vegan and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this apple pie is not only amazingly delicious -- it contains no animal products! With melt-in-your-mouth apples and just the right amount of cinnamon-sugary sweetness in the crumble, this pie is heavenly. Better than any homemade pie I have ever tasted in my life. My new favorite dessert!


the perfect pie

Take this pie ,follow the directions,bring it to a family gathering and they will ask you to bake another one for the next time.mmmmmgood!!


Dutch Apple crumb pie. Great Great product!

I had bought this Dutch Apple crumb pie for the holidays but did not use it until 1/8. Thought this would be good with a light meal. This was not just any store bought pie. This was the best store bought pie I have ever had. I did cover lightly with foil while baking so the crust would not get to brown and uncovered when it came time to put the topping on. I did cook 15 mins. longer than the pkg. suggested because of having a older oven. I also turned oven down to 375. This pie also had the best crust of any pie I have had. It was so flaky. I will buy this pie again.

Happy Camper!!


I thought this pie was so good. I normally don't like pie and only eat it because my husband is a big fan. I think I might buy another one tonight!


I will never make another apple pie.

This actually is the best dutch apple pie I have ever tasted. I have tried so many recipes and thought I would give this pie a try. Delicious all way around. Apple filling is excellent, topping is sweet and crunchy and the crust is flaky. I will always make this when I want to serve an apple pie.


It's Vegan! It's Vegan! It's Vegan!

As the mother of a Vegan in a family where no one else is, I often scramble to find treats for holidays that my son can enjoy. This pie is so delicious and that everyone loves it, and it's Vegan so my son can enjoy it as well. Thank you, Marie Callender!



BEST Apple Pie with flavor and texture, very rich. Our family really enjoys this!! But It does need to set after baking, we now try to bake in advance when possible. It needs extra time to cool off and set.



OMG.. My family has become addicted to this pie. We started with the Dutch apple pie and ice cream from a certain fast food place. However I bought this one Sunday for dessert for dinner with Blue Bell Ice Cream and it is constantly requested. Although we can't get Blue Bell Vanilla anymore any vanilla ice cream still taste great!! Its the pie that does the trick!!!


the best pie ever

tast out of this world crust perfect topping very well balenced you think its fresh like home made but its frozen but they dont know unless you tell them some i tell an some i dont thanks for a great pie

mr. pie

Best Apple Pie

This pie is absolutly delicious. Homemade could not be better!


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