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Lose yourself in Marie Callender's® rich and flaky pastry crust that surrounds the smoothest, creamiest pumpkin filling you've ever tasted—perfectly blended with cinnamon, sugar, and a dash of nutmeg.

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Delicious Pie

Just had your Pumpkin pie with cool whip and it was so delicious and my husband loved it. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed it. I also buy all of your frozen dinners and there is no comparison. I was in California a few years ago and went to your restaurant and had a wonderful meal. When I got back here to NY first thing I did was inquire if the market I trade in had your dinners - lo and behold, they were there and from that day I have eaten all your meals and pies and they are so, so wonderful. Keep up the wonderful work. We love you. Lizzie from New York


Pure Heaven

A melt-in-your mouth crust combined with a perfectly smooth pumpkin custard filling ... who could not love this? But I have to say that what impressed me before even tasting the pie was the quality of the packaging ... the pie is snugly wrapped with plastic wrap, thus avoiding broken crust and / or ugly cracks in the filling. This pie comes out of the package in perfect condition, just as it comes out of the oven. I recommend it highly.



Normally I make our pumpkin pies from scratch but this year got lazy. Just took this pie from our oven and tried it. Excellent! Flaky crust, can taste spice but not too much spice, creamy rich filling. Will use this again. My husband is not a big pumpkin pie fan but he also enjoyed. Thanks for all us lazy folk!


There was great sadness at our house this Christmas . . .

For some reason, we couldn't find a Marie Callendar's Pumpkin Pie ANYWHERE in our town this year. What a let down! I had to bake one myself and there is NO comparison. We all love this pie. When I tell people it's a frozen pie they never believe me. I actually had to show the box to my best friend! Please increase production! The folks in Chicago are waiting . . .

Lady Gray

Excellent pie

Best pumkin pie you can buy. Almost as good as my wife's and a lot less work for her. Thank you for such good pies.

Old Coot

Good pie

I love the original fresh baked pumpkin pie from the restaurant I usually by four pies for our family and it lasts less than one week

Beto Sierra 562

Best of the Best Pumpkin Pie

We keep a supply of these delicious pies in our freezer and believe me in the 60 some years of my husband and I eating pumpkin pies, these are the very best!!!


Excellent pumpkin pie

I love pumpkin pie and the Marie Callender pumpkin pie is the best I have ever had...........The crust is excellent and pumpkin has a great flavor.... I highly recommend this product. (I also recommend her pot pies)


Wonderful! The best pies ever!

I am 77 and have always been the pie baker for family gatherings. The last few years I retired as my son made a wonderful apple and pumpkin pie. This year just my husband and I, tried the apple and the pumpkin pies. I must say, if these had been available during my younger years, I would not have done any baking. We are looking forward to trying the cherry next! (P.S. we have also used several of your dinners and they are perfect for older folks. Thanks again for a wonderful product.

Patty Ann

Best Product out there.

I will only purchase Marie Callender frozen pumpkin pies. Not only for the taste and quality, but specifically for the packaging! They stay protected from frost forever! Thank you for a quality product!

Grandma Mare

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