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Very Berry Blackberry Pie

Marie Callender's® uses only plump, ripe Marionberries hand-picked at the height of the season, so you'll be sure to enjoy this pie bursting with flavorful goodness. It's the perfect finale to any meal.

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better than gramma's

This is the best blackberry pie I've ever had I cannot afford to buy this vary often . If I won the LOTTO I would have Blackberry pie everyday. Is there anyway I could get a PIE sent to me please help I need more pie

I love PIE

Very good pie

I love this pie and I won't ever bake another blackberry pie. It's pretty expensive, but I don't care because its that good. I'm from Portland, Oregon and we have Marion berry pies, and this one is just as good if not better.


The best pie in the world!

I am currently travelling around the world with my family, we have been travelling west from New Zealand and been through many countries along our travels so far - all the while I have been sampling the wonderful foods on offer - and I can honestly say, this pie is the best pie (if not best food) I have ever eaten (and I have eaten a lot of very good pies). From the perfectly balanced pastry (not to heavy, nor too flaky) to the high-filled contents just bursting with flavour, and again the right texture and sweetness. Just perfect! Thank you so much for bringing this wonderfully delicious product to market! You have raised the bar for my tastebuds.

Puku Nui


The best blackberry pie I have ever tasted!♥ The crust is amazing! Wish I could have them delivered to my door! Love♥♥♥

pie expert

The Best Blackberry pie!!

Better than any homemade I have ever had. Its my husband and my favorite.


The Best!

This is the best fruit pie we have ever had. My son, who eats anything and everything, specifically asked for this pie for Thanksgiving dessert. Can't go wrong with this one!


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