Just for Me

Just for Me. . At Marie Callender's, we believe every meal should be enjoyed - even if it's just you at the table. So take some time for yourself and enjoy one of our warm and comforting single-serve meals.

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Single-Serve Cakes

Perfectly sized, just for you. Our single-serve cakes have all the rich and delicious decadence you expect from Marie Callender's, and are made for one.


Marie Callender's wholesome, delicious soups taste like you made them in your own kitchen. Try all her hearty, classic varieties that taste like homemade.

Pot Pies

Savor Marie Callender's Pot Pies, filled with wholesome, hearty ingredients and baked in our signature golden, flaky, made-from-scratch crust. They're the perfect dinnertime solution.


Enjoy a comforting meal made with our signature special touches, homemade flavor, and perfectly sized portions.

Comfort Bakes

Enjoy a homemade meal that delivers oven-baked taste from the microwave with Marie Callender's new Comfort Bakes.

Small Fruit Pies

You don't need a special occasion or a crowd to enjoy our legendary fruit pies. Just microwave and savor these delicious treats for one.

Single-Serve Cream Pies

Now you can enjoy all the luxurious taste of our large cream pies, perfectly sized for an everyday treat.

From my kitchen to yours since 1948.