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Chocolate Satin Mini Pie

Marie Callender's® Chocolate Satin Mini Pie is filled with our velvety, decadent chocolate filling and finished with whipped topping and chocolate curls. Savor it as a sweet reward or just because, any day of the week.

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A "quick yummy for the tummy"

This was a good and quick "yummy for the tummy"....especially if you only need dessert for 2. :) One thing: I would have liked a moister crust...it was rather crumbly. However, the filling and toppings more than made up for that!


Once I tried these, I was hooked...

Great balance of taste and textures, my taste buds are ready when I get one out of the freezer. I like them frozen as well as thawed, a perfect sweet treat.



Take these off the market, they are soooooooo delicious I almost ate two. I just bought two more boxes which won't last long. What goes through the lips goes to the hips and I really don't care. Keep up the good work!


Chocolate Satin Mini Pie~

I grabbed this at the last minute. It was delicious!~ I gave one to my mother who lives a few doors down from me. She loved as well.~I just bought her the apple pie, we'll see...


love me some pie !

Just had my first Mini Pie tonight. The best chocolate cream pie I have ever tasted. Thank you the right serving size as I am trying to count all my calories and this is perfect for my special treat night.



I love this single serve cream pie...when I get a chocolate craving I dive right into this...it satisfies my craving...I have served this to my friends as a treat when they are visiting...I have them hooked on this Satin Mini Cream Pie...


not full

this is a very good snack , I have a concern about the last 6 that I have bought they are not full at all. it is a shame because I thought I found my new snack. when I buy these I buy at least 4 at a time. I hope some one addresses this , it not everyday you find something so good so please adder... thank you


Great size! Great pie!

The quality of this little pie is just what I would expect from Marie Callender's. If you have no self-control when an entire full-size pie is calling from the fridge, pick up this silky, rich Chocolate Satin Mini Pie.


Chocolate Satin Mini Pie

I love this product, and have told many people about it, maybe a mistake on my part!!! I try the key lime just once in awhile. I love the taste of this, but I prefer it frozen. I wish I could buy a pack of 10 single servers, I just do not like shopping so often, and I usually take out of cardboard box, and store in freezer in their nice little plastic containers. I like the whole package, the crust the middle the toppings, just a delight please do not stop making this!!!!


Almost Too Good to be True

It melted in my mouth. I could almost not resist eating both at one sitting. Can't find them anywhere though.


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