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Chocolate Satin Mini Pie

Marie Callender's® Chocolate Satin Mini Pie is filled with our velvety, decadent chocolate filling and finished with whipped topping and chocolate curls. Savor it as a sweet reward or just because, any day of the week.

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Fast becoming my favorite dessert

I adore these mini pies. I have to agree with the first reviewer - there is a lot of the crumb crust, and it stays crumbs. I'd like a little more pie than crust. But they are so delicious, I can forgive the excess crumbs.



We love these mini pies. They are great for desert after Sunday dinner with the family. Every one gets there own. Easy clean up. they are also great for a snack during the week. I like that it comes it two's cause it is just my husband and myself so the two are perfect during the week.



Everything about it is great, good, fantastic! Yum - my!!!!!


I was pleasantly surprised when I tried these this week. it's a perfect size, and just plain yummmy. I do tend to think there is a but more crust than needed, a little more chocolate silk would be good!


delicious product

you bite into a delicious,creamy, and totally not sandy pie. i keep on buying more and more! definently worth trying. you wont stop adding them to your shopping list


very good

Price Choppers had this pie on sale so I bought one and tryed it.I love this pie so I went back bought a few more



Love, love love. Finished the 2 in 2 days. Need to go get more.

mini pie maxi taste

Love these mini pies. perfect size. I agree with other comments about too much crust,but that won"t stop me from buying them. Love chocolate cream pie and the chocolate filling is yummy. Would love to see banana cream pies in this size! thank you MC for all your great products.


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