We make this pie with real Key West lime juice.

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Key Lime Mini Pie

Escape from the daily hustle and bustle to Key West! A golden-brown graham cracker crust topped with a tart, creamy filling made with genuine Key West lime juice takes you there. Take a mini-vacation with every bite, any day of the week.

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yummy little pies

I love this pie! A little too much crust for me, but still a great little pie and a good serving size. I like the large pie as well, however, I WILL eat the whole thing myself if it is in my house LOL


Pretty Good

This little pie is the perfect combo of sweet and tart, and creamy too! I love these.


Consumer Affairs
August 21, 2014

Yeah, we're glad you love them! Thanks for sharing.

No filling in pie

My mini pies were just graham crust and whipped topping. There was no key lime filling. Gross!


more topping, not enough pie

I was hoping for a substitution to buying a while pie, and thought this would be it. However when I opened the package there was more whipped topping than pie filling and the graham cracker crust was overwhelming. I was left with a lot of whipped topping and crust. Also, the pie could be a bit more tart and have more key lime flavoring.


Consumer Affairs
July 25, 2014

We're sorry you didn't enjoy it. We're always open to feedback and appreciate your sharing your review so we can pass this on to our teams. Thank you!

Super delicious

I discovered this little key lime pie while on a regular weekly shopping trip. I was so surprised at the perfect blend of layers. Usually with a pie from the freezer section you get a crust that taste frozen and flavorless. This pie is beyond delicious. The crust is so fresh and sticks to the key lime center and the great cream topping. I give this pie a perfect 10, so cool and refreshing yet rich and creamy. Perfect anytime

Key lime lover

Marie's mini pies

We are both in our eighty's and we find your Mini cakes and pies are just the right size for us. No Left overs. We have tried the Chocolate , Key Lime, Red Velvet and Coconut Cream. We find that all of them are great. We will start working on the Mine Apple and other flavors next time I go to the store. I would suggest you increase time in Micro Wave. Mine is a 1800 Watt and I have to leave them in for 20 seconds to our taste.. Keep up the good work. Being elder we can't eat a full meal, we always cut it in half , even when we go to a restaurant . You might remember this on future new items.,

Bernie and Marie

Not all that it could be!

I love the flavors however, there isn't enough of the key lime portion. There's a little too much of a crumbly crust. Every time I see them in the freezer at the grocery store I want to buy it but then I remember I just don't get enough of the key lime portion.


Very tasty but missing something

The description above calls for a "golden-brown graham cracker crust". Our pies had crumbs: there's no way it could be considered a crust! The box mentions vanilla cookie crumb crust. It would easily rate five stars if it were a crust like we expect to find with a key lime pie -- the creamy filling tastes like Key limes and the real cream topping was just the right sweetness with the tart limes. They defrost quickly and easily -- more convenient than an entire pie.

Puddin' Pie


Don't understand the negative reviews, I think the product is awesome, and I have tried many different key lime pies. Of course it's sweet, but not overwhelming. It's just the right amount of tartness, and the crust is nice with good crumbly texture. It's not something to eat every single day, but then again, what dessert is?



The only reason I know it was key lime pie is that it says so on the box. NO KEY LIME FLAVOR OR TASTE.............Where is the key lime? I ate graham cracker bottom crust with an artificial cream topping. SO DISAPPOINTING!


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