We start with a golden, flaky crust made from scratch.

Pot Pies

Beef Pot Pie

Treat yourself to a hearty, filling meal of premium USDA choice beef, carrots, celery, and potatoes wrapped in a golden, flaky crust. Available in the large (16-ounce) size.

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All Gristle

This meat pie is so bad it is unbelievable. The meat was solid gristle. I will never again buy a Marie Callenders product.


Consumer Affairs
September 16, 2014

We're sorry! The beef should not be like this and we'd like to talk with you about this so we can share your feedback with our quality team. If you'd please email us at wecare@conagrafoods.com with case# 62462069 and we'll do something to make this up to you. Thank you!

Beef pot pies

Wow! I don't know how they get away with having the picture on the carton look so different than actual beef pot pie. I had 1 carrot, 1 slice of potato, and 2 slices of celery. Very disappointed with this.


Beef Pot Pie Needs To Be Reworked

Although the beef pot pie does contain a very nice crust and a passable gravy base, these are its only positive attributes. One must add their own veggies and the "USDA choice beef" is primarily fatty and gristle-ridden....making it a rather unpleasant chore to chew. How this product gets by any in-house taste-testing panel is beyond me.

Don W

did not like the beef pot pie

There were no vegetables.... I had 1/2 carrot and my husband had none.the meat was tough and there was only gravy and crust... very disappointed.



I was disappointed with the Pot Pie. After seeing TV commercials about the product, I expected the pie to contain a fair amount of vegetables and beef, as the commercial looks scrumptious. I bought a box full from Sam's Club. The pies were very scant in both vegetables, maybe 2-3 pieces of vegetables, had a few more pieces of beef and were mostly gravy.


Beef Pot Pie- No vegetables!

I had high hopes for the pot pie. The picture on the box shows a pot pie overflowing with meat and vegetables. I realize that the picture on product boxes are not an exact representation of what is inside but I was seriously disappointed with what was inside this pie. There were absolutely no carrots, one piece of celery and 4 potatoes. The meat and gravy in the pot pie was very good but with the lack of vegetables, I was highly disappointed.



This was great and I was glad that it was not like all the other pot pies. This had real beef! Chucks of real beef and potatoes in wonderful gravy!


Consumer Affairs
August 21, 2014

Thanks for your review! We're so happy to hear that you enjoyed it so much. Thanks!

no stars

We usually buy the chicken but Sam's had only beef one day so we bought those. The pie lacked all the vegetables. There might have been a very small piece of carrot or potato but very few and far between. Needless to say we have been very disappointed and will not buy the beef again. They come in packs of six when bought at Sams. I would give this product no stars.

Consumer Affairs
August 19, 2014

We're so sorry! This is not typical with our pot pies and we appreciate you sharing this with us. We'd like to get some additional information to share this with our quality team and do something to make this up to you so you can continue to enjoy our chicken pot pies and other varieties. Please email us at wecare@conagrafoods.com and reference case #6240325. Thank you!

Not up to the standards of Marie Callender

The beef pot pie is described as having beef, carrots, potatoes, celery and a gravy. It had a few pieces of beef, 2 small slices of carrots, no celery and very little gravy. The pot pie was very dry I wasn't able to finish it and picked out the remaining pieces of beef. I will not purchase this particular product again.


Too few vegetables

Recently I bought a box of 6 - 10oz. beef pot pies from Sam's Club as the picture on the box showed lots of vegebles as well as pieces of beef. My family were very disappointed by the lack of vegetables as shown on the box. One person had 1 whole carrott and a small piece of potato, no celery but a fair amount of beef. Another had a half of a carrott, no potato or celery but again a fair portion of beef. All six were basically alike. It would have been a wonderful dish if there were a few more vegebles as the beef, gravy and crust were tasty,.Numbers on the box were 5014 4118 00P1 15:30 Best used by 10/20/15


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