We start with a golden, flaky crust made from scratch.

Pot Pies

Beef Pot Pie

Treat yourself to a hearty, filling meal of premium USDA choice beef, carrots, celery, and potatoes wrapped in a golden, flaky crust. Available in the large (16-ounce) size.

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Not as good as the chicken pot pie but not bad

My first time trying the beef pot pie. It's not bad! Great crust, lots of beef ( I'm looking at it now and I'd say 10-12 big pieces) lots of potatoes and carrots. No peas or celery at all though (not even one) a bit salty but generally I'm craving salt when I eat any pot pie. I baked it in the oven but not sure if that makes a difference. I'd eat this again but I prefer the chicken pot pie :)

Super dolly

Could not have been worse.

Your Beef Pot Pie I attempted to eat last night could not have been worse. It tasted as though I was sucking on a bouillon cube it was so salty. It is expected for there to be vegetables in this pot pie and I found 1 piece of carrot, 1 pea, and about 3 small pieces of onion. I have eaten your chicken pot pie numerous times before and enjoyed them very much however, This particular product was awful. UPC# 21131 50126 other code# 5014 3361 00p2 08:38 EST 1058

James Ruby

Disappointed with ingredients.

This was the first time trying Marie Callender's Beef pot Pie. The chicken pot pie is really good so we had decided to try the beef for a change. The flavor with the beef was very good but we were disappointed about the amount of veggies included with the beef. On the packaging the picture and the ingredient list say there are carrots, celery, potatoes and beef. We had two 10 oz beef pot pies tonight and I instantly saw that mine was lacking in some ingredients. So then, before eating, we gently separated the pie and saw that 1 of the pies had 4 pieces of beef, 1 piece of a carrot, 4 cubes of potatoes and no celery. The second pot pie had 4 pieces of beef, no carrots, 3 cubes of potatoes and no celery. Needless to say we were not happy with the lack of veggies that were supposed to be in the pot pie.


Empty promises

Purchased a six pack of Beef Pot Pies from Sam's Club and found the pie to be very disappointing. It had several pieces of chewy meat, one or two pieces of mushy potatoe no celery and a few small pieces of carrots the gravey was sparse and the pie was less than 1/2 filled. Honesty in advertising should require a picture of the product from a production run not a specialized test kitchen or better yet make your product look like the picture on the box. Make a good product and people will flock to stores to by your product.



I have tried a lot of different brands of pot pies and this one was the best. The beef had hugh chunks in it and more then 4 pieces, lots of carrots, no complaints.



We bought I think it's 6 pies in a package from Sam's Club. My husband took one to work and said he threw it out. Once it was cooked and he dumped it onto a plate, there was nothing but maybe two pieces of meat, a couple pieces of potato and hardly any gravy. Well, he as right. I took one to work today and that is exactaly what I got. Three pieces of meat, two pieces of potato, a bit of gravy. How sad. There was not a sign of a carrot or celery as pictured on the box. Sorry Marie, your chicken pot pies have always been good but the cow's gotta go.

Miss B

Too salty

Crust, great. Meat, plenty. Carrots, two??? Peas, none. Way too salty, as much salt as horse salt lick. Is it really necessary to use that much salt?


Beef Pot Pie

I've always been very impressed with the taste and portion size of the beef pot pies. The time it takes to cook in a conventional oven is definitely worth the wait! I keep them stocked in the freezer all year 'round!

Crusty McNubbins

Broccoli and Cheese POT PIE and VEGGIE Pot Pies

These are DELICIOUS! I was on my way home in the middle of a snow storm and saw them in a freezer section. Took them home and popped them in the over. WoW! They hit the spot! I had the Broccoli and cheese one for dinner, and the veggie one for lunch the next day. Thank you for making a heart warming soul nurturing dish.


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