We start with a golden, flaky crust made from scratch.

Pot Pies

Chicken Corn Chowder Pot Pie

Enjoy all the home-cooked goodness of corn chowder inside a golden flaky crust—complete with tender white-meat chicken, corn, bacon, celery, potatoes, and a creamy filling. Available in the large (16-ounce) size.

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Marie are you kidding me!? I don't even know where to begin. I remember the day I decided to start bringing my lunch to work, and my lunch hour has never been the same since! I came across your meals and grabbed 5 different ones, including the blessing on this earth that is this pot pie. Little did I know, my Thursday was about to become the best Thursday of my life. I remember being reluctant to get this product, but looking back now if I could go back to that moment I would have smacked myself for even thinking about passing this up. This pot pie is the holy grail of pot pies. One pie to rule them all. It's creamy deliciousness makes me happy a few times a week. I get excited about lunch! I feel like a child going to lunch during school, it's my favorite subject. I love all of your meals Marie but this one takes the cake. If you ever have coupons on this pie, send it my way! Thank you for all you do. You make my stomach sing


This was a winner

I was impressed with this purchase. Loved the creamy texture, just the right amount of filling, the corn was sweet, the vegetables were of good size, it had big pieces of chicken in each spoonful. I fell in love with the taste as well as the crust, which was a golden brown when baked. I took my time in eating every bite. Again, low in sugar, that was a plus. I will be restocking this item in my freezer soon.


Where's the chicken?

Love this product but purchased several lately that had little to no chicken in them! What gives?


Chicken Corn Chhowder Pot Pie

Delicious!! I wrapped foil as the direction said on box and added a little soft butter on top of crust. It was wonderful! Baked in my convection oven. Wish more stores in the area would sell the extra flavors.

chicken clown

Pot pie is too dry

I bought the corn chowder pot pie thinking it would be amazing. I was disappointed at how dry it was, I expected it to be a little more soupy but it was so thick and dry that I had to take a drink after every bite.


I usually eat the beef pot pie, but wanted something different. Did not disappoint!


Chicken corn crowder

I lied other pot pies by Marie Callender but this one was disappointing. Dry and not muh of a comfort food. Glad I only bought one.


Chicken & bone Corn Chowder

The crust was flaky and thick. Inside were several nice chunks of chicken and bone. I found corn and bacon and little else. It was dry.

Pie Lover

Consumer Affairs
July 21, 2014

We're so sorry! This is not what you should expect with our food and we're glad you let us know. We take the quality and safety of our food very seriously and we'd like to talk with you more about this, please email us at wecare@conagrafoods.com. Thank you!

Chicken Corn Chowder Pot Pie

I prepared this item in the microwave according to package directions and it looked beautiful, but it was so dry I had to add chicken broth in order to eat it!


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