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Pot Pies

Chicken Pot Pie

A Marie Callender's® classic worth slowing down for: tender white-meat chicken, carrots, celery, and peas prepared in a golden, flaky crust made from scratch. Available in small (10-ounce) and large (16-ounce) sizes. Also available in multipacks for the whole family to enjoy.

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2.8 / 5
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I microwaved this pot pie and it was delicious. The top crust was surprisingly crispy and overall I was very pleased.


I would not buy this size pie again

I purchased a 10 OZ pie for my husband's lunch. I prepared it according to instructions. When I cut it open on, expecting the filling to flow out, nothing happened! There was about 4 pieces of chicken and a few peas and a tiny bit of gravy. The numbers on the box are: 5014 4115 OOP1 18:16 P45. Was there a problem with this run, or is this what I should expect with a 10 OZ pie? Needless to say, I had to prepare something else. What a disappointment.

Product changed...not for the better

Used to love these Chicken Pot Pies.. now they've changed and very disappointing. I mentioned to a friend, and she said exactly the same thing....Very sad... Perhaps they can correct the error they made when they changed it.



I am truly disappointed with the quality. You are now using processed chicken instead of real chicken in your product as in the past.


Delicious meal in a snap!

I just wanted to express how much me and my family love your Chicken pot pies... So easy to make in the microwave and so very delicious. I am so glad I took the chance and bought a couple when they were on sale. A little bit more than I usually spend, but sooooo worth it. Definately a staple in my house from now on. Waiting on the next sale to stock up ;)

Chicken pot pied

Pot Pies

I love the pot pies especially the beef, the chunks of beef are very tender. The only thing I don't like is the change that was made to the microwave cooking box. It was much better when the crisping "foil" was on top of the box and you only had to open one end of the box, this allowed the pot pie to brown better on the top. This is extremely filling and I always keep a few in my freezer especially during the winter months.


Better than others I've tried

I had my first MC chicken pie tonight, and I agree with another reviewer that there are too many carrots in it. Basically, it is peas, carrots, chicken and sauce in a flacky crust. I thought the crust was fine. I would have liked more sauce. I also got a questionable piece of chicken which I didn't like. Overall, I liked it, though the old Stouffer's pies were better. Now, the Stouffer's are awful. This is much better.


Consumer Affairs
August 21, 2014

Thanks for giving it a try! We're glad you enjoyed most of it. We do appreciate all the feedback and will make sure this is given to our team for review. We hope you'll be giving us another try in the future. Thanks!


I've bought these a few times and although they are good, I find the chicken sometimes a mystery of what's in my mouth and need to spit it into a napkin. Some of the chicken is okay. I find the filling good but too little compared to the crust. I would love this more if I didn't have to take the mystery chicken out of my mouth.

Debbie X

Consumer Affairs
August 21, 2014

We're always open to feedback and appreciate you taking the time to do this review. We'll be sure to pass this on to our teams. We hope you will continue to love this and other varieties. Thanks!


found this to be a yummy pot pie and very filling. stands alone as a complete meal. chicken & vegetables were hearty & good! Baked in oven.

Good pot pie for the price

There are many things to like about this pot pie. Nice chunks of chicken, reasonable proportion of chicken to vegetables, top and bottom crust and it's pretty. A good value. I think you should omit the onions. They have a peculiar perfumey flavor that takes away from the rest of the good tasting ingredients. And I have major problems with the labeling! Why are the instructions for microwave cooking twice as big as those for conventional oven? Oven cooking is far superior. Not only is the type twice as big, but there are illustrations that aren't needed and take up space and there is a lot of room given to white space. The size for the microwave instructions is literally three times larger than those for oven. Reduce this so the oven directions are readable! I could not read it with the package in direct light and wearing glasses.

Leonia mom

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