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Pot Pies

Chicken Pot Pie

A Marie Callender's® classic worth slowing down for: tender white-meat chicken, carrots, celery, and peas prepared in a golden, flaky crust made from scratch. Available in small (10-ounce) and large (16-ounce) sizes. Also available in multipacks for the whole family to enjoy.

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Add a side salad with a Chicken Pot Pie & you have a delicious meal.

Chicken Pot Pie is my absolute favorite. Thank you Marie.


Good flavor with minimal fillings

I like the taste of these chicken pies. The crust and gravy are good but the internal ingredients are lacking: there's not much chicken or vegetables. Sort of like a bulked-up Swanson pie. Perhaps this is why this pie is inexpensive, too.

Chicken Pot Pie Lover


We've been buying an enjoying these pies for years but this last batch are really bad. It seems that some how they are missing the step that installs the gravy. On the box is says go to this web site for comments and this is the only spot I see to vent my disappointment. Number on the box is: 5014 400900p1 20:10 p45. "Best if sued by 2015. Man I can't imagine how bad these would be if you ate one after that LOL. Let me know if you find out what you did wrong making these and I might try them again. We get them 8 in a box at Costco



I microwaved this pot pie and it was delicious. The top crust was surprisingly crispy and overall I was very pleased.


I would not buy this size pie again

I purchased a 10 OZ pie for my husband's lunch. I prepared it according to instructions. When I cut it open on, expecting the filling to flow out, nothing happened! There was about 4 pieces of chicken and a few peas and a tiny bit of gravy. The numbers on the box are: 5014 4115 OOP1 18:16 P45. Was there a problem with this run, or is this what I should expect with a 10 OZ pie? Needless to say, I had to prepare something else. What a disappointment.


There is no doubt that the pictures they show in TV are not the same as the content of what we receive when we buy the product. very disappointed


Need more chicken, peas and carrots

Could have more chicken, peas and carrots in the pie. There were only 4 pieces of chicken, very few peas and 2 carrot slices not enough.


Product changed...not for the better

Used to love these Chicken Pot Pies.. now they've changed and very disappointing. I mentioned to a friend, and she said exactly the same thing....Very sad... Perhaps they can correct the error they made when they changed it.



I am truly disappointed with the quality. You are now using processed chicken instead of real chicken in your product as in the past.


Delicious meal in a snap!

I just wanted to express how much me and my family love your Chicken pot pies... So easy to make in the microwave and so very delicious. I am so glad I took the chance and bought a couple when they were on sale. A little bit more than I usually spend, but sooooo worth it. Definately a staple in my house from now on. Waiting on the next sale to stock up ;)

Chicken pot pied

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