Pot Pies

Chicken Pot Pie

A Marie Callender's® classic worth slowing down for: tender white-meat chicken, carrots, celery, and peas prepared in a golden, flaky crust made from scratch. Available in small (10-ounce) and large (16-ounce) sizes. Also available in multipacks for the whole family to enjoy.

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Quick, Easy, Delicious, & Affordable!! Thank You!!

Moni Mae

The most flaky crust!

simply the best frozen chicken pot pie... flaky and delicious!!


Simply the real deal!

I do not eat frozen prepared chicken!! Ever!! But when I tried this pot pie I was truly amazed! This chicken is acutal honest to goodness white meat chicken! The crust was delish as were the veggies and sauce!


Yummie yummie in my tummy!

Had not had the chicken pot pie in years and picked two up the other day for dinner. The wife and I are still smiling. (And the doggie loved licking our bowls (and I even left her some of the CPP)). We won't that long again!

Very Tasty

I love all Marie Callendars, but the pot pies are so delicious! My cats get to eat the carrots and whatever tasty gravy bits are left! My one pet peev is the calories - do you think you will ever come out with a low-cal pot pie? I'm sure if you did, you would find a way to keep the creamy, yummy goodness of the original! Thanks for a very comforting dinner!


Very tasty and hearty

These are great, the 1lb one is good sized meal for 1 person. Sometimes the carrots and peas need a little more time in my oven. Significantly better than Stouffer's in my opinion.

James R.

Very tasty!

Pastry was great. Chicken & veg was great. Cooking directions were right on (for the oven). I'll be a regular customer.


Best pot pie ever!

I have eaten pot pies my whole life, it's been my most favorite quick meal. These are the best pot pies I've ever eaten, I enjoy every bit of them as much as I can. I can't wait to try some of the dessert pies.


Chicken Pot Pie

I ate one of your pot pies for the first time today. It was absolutely delicious! Wonderful !! I recommend it and I surely will be buying more! Thanks for a good pot pie!!


Full of good veggies and chicken.

Had a beef pot pie just some meet and mostly potatoes Not good at all. Chicken pot pie was very very good. Full of chicken and veggies. Was very good. Very pleased.

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