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Turkey Pot Pie

Slow down and savor premium turkey breast, carrots, and onions prepared in a golden, flaky made-from-scratch crust. Available in small (10-ounce) and large (16-ounce) sizes, and in multipacks for the whole family to enjoy.

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Amazing crust from the microwave!

This is the best pot pie I have had since my mom made them for me as a kid! I was pleasantly surprised that the microwave could produce such an amazing potpie, I'm assuming that a lot of this is based upon specialized container that is packaged in. Excellent flavor, excellent taste, excellent overall. Thank you Marie!

Mikey likes it!

Wonderful to Taste and Behold

Perfect in so many ways. I could not detect any negatives. This is the best pot pie I have ever tasted. Not too salty, gravy consistency is just right, crust is fantastic, and the turkey portions are generous. Thank you, Marie Callender! :-)



I love these!! The crust cooks perfectly in the micro! I haven't eaten frozen pot pies in years but I'm so glad I tried this!! Now I want it once a week!! :)


Great tasting classic.

This pie is everything I'd expect a turkey pie to be. Creamy gravy, meat, chunky veggies. Makes a great hot lunch at the office. I eat these weekly and always enjoy them. A side of sliced fruit is all you need for dessert. Processed? Not sure about the other reviewer, but I for one don't believe that Mrs. Callender is pulling meat off of turkey bones and cubing it up just for for my pot pie. But who know?? It's definitely NOT mystery meat. Thanks!


Overall--- Completely Satisfied!

The pie was definitely the best I ever had, followed instructions and wow. Did not turn out dry, the crust was slightly crunchy, the way I like it. It was the bigger of the two sizes that you make. I am happy to report that I am hooked on your turkey pot pies. Thank you and employees for a fantastic product, professionally made. ?

Sno Man

Great taste

Great taste without the hassle of making it from scratch. If you're looking for a very easy meal then pop this bad boy in the oven and call it a day. Please do not use chef mike on this one.



My family just love your turkey pot pies and the chicken and the beef .... Just awesome and reasonable

Betty boop

Awesome Turkey Potpie

Greetings! Yesterday, I purchased your turkey potpies and I must declare these were the best I've ever eaten! These generous pies were had such flakey crusts, generous amounts of tender chunks of meat, juicy carrots, tender peas all married with this succulent gravy! Thank you



If I can't find my teo favorites creamy mushroom and the parmesan chicken one than I turn to the turkey one.

mrs. jess


I seldom purchase frozen meals but your commercials "made me" buy a turkey pot pie. I was amazed that the crust was crisp and delicious and there was lots of turkey in the pie. I'm going to stock my freezer. Thanks for your care in making a like-home-cookin' pot pie.


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