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Pot Pies

Turkey Pot Pie

Slow down and savor premium turkey breast and corn, carrots, and onions prepared in a golden, flaky made-from-scratch crust. Available in small (10-ounce) and large (16-ounce) sizes, and in multipacks for the whole family to enjoy.

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Pressed deli turkey!!!! Oh No!!!

Love Marie Callender products but you've ruined the turkey pot pie by using cubed deli turkey....would prefer REAL turkey breast meat. Sorry but I won't be buying the pot pies again.


Such a disappointment

Bears little resemblance to the picture. Two pieces of carrot and three peas, zero corn (probably used as a gravy thickener) and the crust, well......was that crust or cardboard. Such a disappointment. Unfortunately, I have three left in the package, I wouldn't feed this to my husband even I was mad at him! Can I return them to the store I purchased them from? Zero stars from me, but program requires you to issue a rating.


Consumer Affairs
July 25, 2014

We're sorry you were disappointed! We always want you to get what you expect with our food and this does not sound typical of our pot pies so we're glad you let us know about it. We'd like to talk with you about this and do something to make it up to you. Please email us at wecare@conagrafoods.com. Thank you!

One of the better pot pies sold

The only thing I wish is to have the top crust a bit more crisp -- the current carton/container doesn't crisp the top and so the top crust is soggy. Otherwise, the filling is great. I pick turkey over her chicken. Next best is her beef pot pie. In general MC's pot pies are winners and you really can't go wrong! Long gone are my Swanson days!

Just My Two Cents

Delicious Turkey Pot Pie!

I was thrilled the first time I had a Marie Calender's Turkey Pot Pie. The pie tasted just like it had come fresh from the kitchen. The crust was light and crispy, not the least bit soggy. It is a staple of my lunch at work. Thank you for making such a delicious, fresh tasting, convenient food!

Mrs. Cooper

Turkey Pot Pie Rocks!

I abso love love loved it last night for dinner! Perfect 9 minutes in microwave and 5 minutes eating it! Got home at 5:15pm Was done and no dishes to wash by 5:30pm. Yep I would recommend to everyone who thinks comfort f ood takes to long.

Betty R.

10 oz mostly dough and air

In sharp contrast to the photo on the package, the 10 oz pot pie is mostly empty. I counted 21 peas, 3 small pieces of carrot amounting to less than 1/2 cubic inch, and 9 little cubes of turkey, amounting to about 1 cubic inch. The 16 oz product is much better and probably beats its competitors, but could use more vegetables.


Pot pies have gamey taste, not like chicken or turkey

The taste of these pies is like game (pheasant or deer....). NOT very good in my opinion.


Passable, but not great.

Got the 16-oz in order to try it. Bakes for 60+ min total at 400F. I bake for 50 min, smash down the top, stir everything, then bake for another 15 min. Large pieces of turkey--would prefer more pieces of smaller size (=same total weight of turkey) to make it easier to NOT get "turkey only" in a bite. Not a lot of vegetables, which is fine with me. Overall taste is fairly bland, hence the title. There is enough food in the 16-oz size to make it a meal.


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