We start with a golden, flaky crust made from scratch.

Pot Pies

Turkey Pot Pie

Slow down and savor premium turkey breast and corn, carrots, and onions prepared in a golden, flaky made-from-scratch crust. Available in small (10-ounce) and large (16-ounce) sizes, and in multipacks for the whole family to enjoy.

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What's the real calorie count?

We've been eating your Turkey Pot Pie for about 15 yrs. We love it. We retired about a year or so ago and now eat lunch at home & have noticed a discrepancy on your labels! For lunch we started eating the smaller pie, 10 oz, and only eat the larger 16 oz for dinner. On the back of your 10 oz you list it as 630 calories! Yet on the large 16 oz you show only 480 calories. What gives? Please tell me "how" a large turkey pie can have 150 calories Less than the small one?? I believe you have them mixed up and they should be reversed. I've been watching this for a year now, thinking y'all would correct it, but it still lists the same as of yesterday, 4-5-14. Thanks for any info you can furnish!


Stuck Crust

The Turkey Pot Pie is great! Easy to cook and very flavorful. I have only one complaint: The bottom, of the pie crust always sticks to the pie plate to the point where it practically has to be dug out - or should I use the term chiseled. This affects any kind of presentation I would want to achieve.



We have always enjoyed your various pot pies; however, we believe they would be much more tasty WITHOUT the pimento pieces. Thank You!


Used to be my favorite cold weather dish!

Well, I used to swear by the Marie Callendar's Turkey Pot Pie - but as soon as I bit into a spoonful today, I knew something had changed - and not for the better. The ones I had in December where great! Now, in March, they taste terrible. The gravy is definitely thinner and... oilier, or something. It's awful. I'm so sad because I purchased four of them while on sale. Maybe I can give them away at work...why do companies insist on "fixing" something that ISN'T BROKEN????

Previously a Loyal Customer

Terrible product

This was the worst pot pie I've ever had! All crust, no gravy, dry, flavorless and nearly no filling! Never buy this brand again.


Mostly pie crust

I recently bought a Turkey Pot Pie. Cooking instructions were simple and all went well. I have had these in the past and they were good. Unfortunately when I placed the contents on my plate I was very disappointed. In total there were 5 peas! Carrots, there were 3 pieces when put together would equal one small carrot slice. There were no celery pieces. The box cover shows 6 peas which is funny because it is supposed to only be a representation of part of the pie contents. Turkey, there were 6 pieces. The rest was a small amount of gravy. Overall I can't say this was in the least a satisfying food. Although what was there tasted ok, I will not be buying this product again and will be very wary of buying any other MC products.


Turkey pot pies are really bad!

The sage/tumeric/herbal flavor is so overpowering! The "turkey" was soft and scary as well. I thought I could trust a label like Marie Callenders for a good, quick meal, but no more!!


These used to be good

The Marie callender pot pies were one of our favorite winter comfort foods. We will not purchase them again. The pastry does not crisp properly anymore when baked and my husband thought it tasted stale or of mold even after being baked over an hour as directed. Too many corners were cut with this product and its packaging. Sad.

homemade mom

pot pies

We got these pot pies on sale number one was gummy there was no vegetables no I'm sorry found a piece of celery.We though they would be better because of the price not true .We will not buy from this company again.We will go back to cheaper better quality pot pies.

Too dry to eat!

Unless you improve on these pies, I will not be buying another one. I have been a big fan of your pies for many years, and have recommended them to friends and family. No more! I think that you have forgotten to put the gravy in. It was so dry that I could not even eat it. It is too bad that you have ruined such a good thing. I would not have given it even 1 star in the overall rating had I been given that opportunity.


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