Small Fruit Pies

Small Peach Pie

This perfect peach pie is the perfect combination of ripe peach slices and a sweet peach glaze, all enveloped in Marie Callender's® legendary flaky, made-from-scratch pie crust.

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Marie`s Small PEACH PIE , Is SO GOOD !!!

It is like MAKING a FRESH PEACH PIE ! The FLAVOR even out of the MICRO , taste like it was baked ! And who would NOT like a FRESH HOT PIE in 5MIN and 10SEC !!!!


Delicious Small Fruit pies

These little pies are delicious and my husband and I love them. Just the right size and cooks in the microwave or oven in less the time than larger pies. Just another great product by Marie Callender!


Small Apple Pie in Microwave

My friend and I shared the small apple pie tonight. We made it in the microwave. It was very good and the crust was good. We both enjoyed it It cooked in exactly the time given. I will be looking for more varieties the next time I grocery shop!



love the apple, hope you make cherry and blueberry at some point in the near future.

Hot and Juicy a great desert for after lunch

My Peach Pie was EXCELLENT!!!! Had it for a desert after lunch... Good taste, Hot and Juicy... Wish I had another one right now!!!!


This pie is fantastic!

I really needed a treat and so I bought this little...well really it's big for one!...pie....wow...it was delicious! Got the peach...just the right amount of sweetness. The crust was great. Baked it in the oven...didn't put it in the microwave although it's microwavable. I love this pie! Will definitely be my treat for me for when I do good along the way on my diet. lol



We just dicovered the small pies and OMG..We went out the next day and bought 6 more. They are delicious. They tasted so homemade and I like to bake so I know what is good and fresh. My hubby said we have to make 2 at a time so we don't have to share LOL. Keep up the great job on all your products. we use them all, but the small pies work well for us, because we can't eat a whole one before it spoils.


Single Apple Pies

I love to cook and usually I am hesitant about purchasing to many frozen foods. I thought I would give it a try since I liked the pot pies for lunch during the winter months. OMG! Marie has hit the mark for frozen pies. I reccommend them to anyone and can't get enough. It is hard for me to eat just one pie serving, I am always wanting more. I will probably not bake another apple or peach pie. I am available for a commercial.


Additional Cooking Instructions

I bought a small peach pie; but when I got home and read the fine print, I was dismayed. I use a toaster oven and microwave for cooking and I don't seem to have the required power to prepare the pie. Do you have alternative preparation times or instructions that would permit using a 1,000 watt microwave or a toaster oven? After reading the above reviews, I can't wait to try this pie. Please help. Thank you.



the small fruit pies are the perfect size for one person when a large pie is just to much. they are fresh and filled with goodness. recommended for everyone who lives alone and wants a treat.


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