Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Relax with a bowl full of tender chunks of chicken and your favorite pot pie vegetables—potatoes, carrots, corn, and peas—in a rich creamy broth brimming with herbs and spices.

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This soup is the best soup I've ever had ! I love it !! But I can't seem to find it anymore :( if you know where I can buy this soup I would really appreciate it, I've been craving it for weeks!! Please let me know, thank you.


Absolutely Delicious!

I LOVE your chicken pot pie! The crust is so flaky and tender and the sauce is delicious! The chicken is very moist and tender and the vegetables are very good. I buy the 16 oz size so that I have plenty fo r my meal. I keep it stocked in my freezer so that I can have it when ever I am in the mood. When I had the flu, last year, it was one of the few meals that would satisfy my sensitive stomach and touchy appetite.


Disappointed with the soup

I hoped the soup would taste like the pot pie, it does not. Plus, the potatoes were hard. I would not buy this soup again. I'll stay with the pot pies.


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July 07, 2014

We're sorry you didn't like it. We really appreciate the feedback and will share this with our team. We're happy to hear you like the pot pies! Thanks.

Chicken pot pie soup

I added my own cooked chicken I had from the night before and bought some pre crust at the store. Made a really easy yummy dinner, their chicken was skimpy so I loaded mine with chicken and poured it right in the crust baked for 20 minutes delicious.


Not very good

I was very disappointed in this soup. I think the biggest turnoff was the big layer of grease on top of the soup when pouring it from the pot to my bowl. It tasted very greasy as well and did not resemble the pot pie at all. I don't usually do this, but I would not recommend this soup. I bought 2 cans and will be giving the 2nd to a soup kitchen.


Not What I Expected

I was hoping that this soup tasted like Chicken Pot Pie, but it doesn't. Not even close. I wanted it to make a fast Chicken ala King. I was very disappointed and won't buy it again.

Love IT

I really enjoyed this soup. No, it is not "like" the frozen pot pie (which is also delicious) but it has great flavor. The color did make me wonder a little, but after the first bite I was sold.


Not good for us.

I was delighted when I saw this product on the shelf, as I love your chicken pot pie. BUT this was NOT GOOD. Different color, different taste and it did not go over with my family. Sorry, but I will not buy this or any of the soups again.

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