5 surprising facts about frozen meals

Did you know that March is National Frozen Food Month? Next time you're at the grocery store, embrace the ease and simplicity of the freezer aisle by educating yourself on the benefits of frozen meals. From inventive new tastes to pre-portioned meal options, you’ll be surprised at the delicious foods just waiting to be discovered.

Fact #1: Frozen Meals Start with Fresh Ingredients

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Freezing actually helps preserve freshly packed meals and ensures great taste. When it comes to Healthy Choice®, many of the vegetables are harvested and frozen within a day. They’re sealed, shipped, and remain frozen and protected from heat, light, and air that can destroy nutrients. Much of the pasta in Healthy Choice meals is prepared fresh, right on site. The flour, water, and eggs are mixed and the meal is prepared within hours. 

Freshness doesn’t just stop at frozen dinner and lunch options. Frozen desserts like all of Marie Callender's® pies are made from quality ingredients guaranteed to remind you of home. All of Marie’s pies are baked using real eggs and sugar and real fruits picked and harvested at the peak of harvest. Marie Callender's Lattice Apple Pies and Dutch Apple Pies are made with fresh 100% Fuji apples. Each day during harvest season, Marie Callender’s team tastes all of the apples that are going to be used in Marie Callender's apple pies to ensure that all of the apples have just the right texture and flavor.

Fact #2: Not All Frozen Meals Are High in Sodium

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Pre-portioned frozen meal options can really help control the amount of sodium in your diet. Did you know that the average Healthy Choice single serving meal contains 518 milligrams of sodium? That’s less than half of the 1,380 milligrams in an average lunch or dinner.  

Fact #3: Perfectly-Portioned, Complete Meals Can Be Found in the Frozen Aisle

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Many frozen meals are often pre-portioned and an easy way to avoid having a fridge of untouched leftovers. Healthy Choice Complete Meals are perfectly balanced with an entrée and side while Traditional Classics also include a delicious dessert. From savory Classic Meat Loaf to Lemon Pepper Fish, there’s something available to satisfy everyone’s palate. Bertolli® also offers great-tasting, authentic Italian frozen entrees like Tortas and Al Dente pasta dishes pre-portioned for one or two people.

Fact #4: Frozen Meals Can Provide a Great Source of Protein

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According to Kristin Reimers, a Registered Dietitian at ConAgra Foods, a good daily protein goal for women is about 46 grams, and 56 grams for men. Healthy Choice meals are an easy and tasty way to help meet those goals. Healthy Choice’s Simply Café Steamers have 19 -22 grams of natural protein per meal and no preservatives.

Fact #5: Frozen Meals Can Be Gluten-Free

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Did you know that some frozen meals don’t contain gluten? Most gluten-free frozen meals will make it easy for shoppers by indicating they’re gluten-free on the front of their packaging.

Healthy Choice currently offers three gluten-free Café Steamers, each with a unique and innovative flavor profile. Tender cuts of beef, roasted red potatoes and veggies are tossed in a perfectly balanced Merlot wine sauce to create a gluten-free Beef Merlot meal option. While marinated juicy white meat chicken in olive oil, redskin potatoes, vegetables and a splash of Chardonnay wine sauce offers a sophisticated, gluten-free Chicken Fresca with Chardonnay dinner option. Like all Café Steamers, Healthy Choice’s gluten-free meals use a special steaming tray to keep veggies crisp and perfectly tender.



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