Easy desserts you can make with leftover pie!

Have leftover pie on hand? Make a new tasty treat using your favorite leftover sweets – all from pie, of course! From cookies to cake, these recipes will give the perfect spin on a new  dessert using the last little bit of your favorite Marie Callender’s® pie!

Apple Pie Spice Cupcakes

FY17 Marie Callenders Apple Pie Spice Cupcakes 820x500.jpg

Treat yourself (and your family and friends) to sweet Dutch apple pie spice cupcakes with a velvety cinnamon cream cheese frosting! They’ll love the surprise of a moist, apple pie filling.

Pumpkin Pie Broiler S’mores

FY17 Marie Callenders Pumpkin Pie Broiler Smores 820x500.jpg

A s’more isn’t only a summer campfire treat. Make a fall version by adding a scoop of pumpkin pie to the classic s’mores build and using the broiler to get the marshmallow nice and toasty!

Blueberry Pie Thumbprint Cookies

FY17 Marie Callenders Blueberry Pie Thumbprint Cookies 820x500.jpg

These easy shortcut cookies are delicious and stunning! Just use sugar cookie mix, the juicy blueberry filling from Marie Callender’s new Blueberry Pie and a melted white chocolate drizzle for soft and gooey cookies that look like you made them from scratch!

Cinnamon Apple Pie Cake Roll

FY17 Marie Callenders Apple Pie Cake Roll 820x500.jpg

This impressive cake roll is filled with a little sugar, spice, and everything nice! Made with layers of sweet Dutch apple pie, spongy spiced cake and a cream cheese frosting drizzle – no wonder this cake roll is a showstopper!

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