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Growing Into

From the time she was a little girl in South Dakota, Marie believed that the simple act of slowing down to share a meal could strengthen bonds between family and friends.

A Heritage
of Homemade

In the 1940s, Marie started selling the pies she made in her home kitchen to local restaurants in Orange, California. Her son, Don, delivered her signature creations on his bicycle.

Mother, Baker,

In 1948, Marie sold the family car, giving her the means to turn her at-home bakery into a bona fide business. She baked more than 100 pies with wholesome ingredients every day.

Slice of the Pie

In 1964, Marie's family opened their first pie and coffee shop. Her loyal customers savored the comforting, homemade touches in each and every serving. Her shop expanded into a chain—and into the meals and desserts found in grocery stores today.

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