Fettuccini with Chicken & Broccoli

A true Marie Callender's® classic, this delicious dish has fettuccini pasta tossed with tender chunks of white-meat chicken and broccoli in a classic Alfredo sauce made with Parmesan and Romano cheeses.

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i recently got introduced to the line of frozen dinners and i love them all. so far i have had the following: beef and broccoli, country fried chicken and gravy, meat loaf and gravy, and the fettuccini with chicken and broccoli. each one is like a home cooked meal, "thanks" ...richard


Very Good Quality

The only thing better than the plain MC fettuccini with Alfredo sauce is this, with chicken. The chicken is delicious, white meat chicken in nice-sized chunks. A very filing lunch or dinner. I eat this quite often!


Excellent Fetuccini with Chicken & Broccoli

I love this dish. I have eaten Fettuccini Alfredo in many restaurants and still think Callender's recipe is number #1. The fettuccini tastes like it is homemade, the alfredo is delicious with just the right amount of cheese, and the broccoli and chicken are cooked to perfect consistency. My favorite dish!

Callender Fan

Love it my favorite

It is the perfect meal for on the go, and when you have 3 kids in sports they love it. They easily burn up the low 500 calories. Filling but not heavy. Our favorite family meal. Taste better than home made.


The very best Marie has to offer

This is the best frozen meal I have ever had. The taste is amazing and the texture of the food is great too. Definitely sticking to Marie Callender's food from now on.



The fettuccini, chicken & broccoli taste like it was just freshly made, heats up wonderfully & quickly in the microwave, and is perfectly sized. This is my favorite and I would have it for lunch every day, except that Marie makes so many fabulous dishes and I have to mix it up......



broccoli and chicken filled my stomach very good, the pasta was superb along with the sauce that comes with it

italianmealsare best

This is the Greatest

You got this one down pat I can eat this any time and Please dont fix it just leave greatness alone!!!!!!!!!!!


Taste Like Home- Cooking !

These were amazing ! The creaminess was so delicious ! The broccoli was even good and I never usually like broccoli ! I wish I could get like 25 of these and eat them for every meal !



The pasta mixed with large pieces of chicken and broccoli is easy to prepare, and mighty taste!! I microwave the dinner.


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