Fettuccini with Chicken & Broccoli

Homemade Taste
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Enjoy fettuccini tossed with white-meat chicken and crisp broccoli in a cheesy Alfredo sauce made with real cream.

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  • Great price for such a filling meal

    I am headed back to the store today to buy more of these meals they are fast and easy and taste amazing!!!!!!!!!

    Shay in El Paso, TX

  • Great Improvement in Quality of Broccoli

    The broccoli content of this item has been greatly improved in the last 6 months with almost no stems and "pieces" present now. I had become disappointed to the point of not buying this item due to the excessive (nearly 90%) amount of broccoli parts rather than the tops last year, but am pleased with the quality upgrade since the new year. I now purchase 4 to 6 of these meals per month and enjoy it every time. Thanks Marie Callender for improving your product without increasing the price. Great improvement!

    Ace Dad in Georgetown, SC

  • Very Good Quality

    The only thing better than the plain MC fettuccini with Alfredo sauce is this, with chicken. The chicken is delicious, white meat chicken in nice-sized chunks. A very filing lunch or dinner. I eat this quite often!

    magnonn in US-UK


    broccoli and chicken filled my stomach very good, the pasta was superb along with the sauce that comes with it

    italianmealsare best in wenatchee, WA

  • The very best Marie has to offer

    This is the best frozen meal I have ever had. The taste is amazing and the texture of the food is great too. Definitely sticking to Marie Callender's food from now on.

    Eric in Ashland, MA

  • Taste Like Home- Cooking !

    These were amazing ! The creaminess was so delicious ! The broccoli was even good and I never usually like broccoli ! I wish I could get like 25 of these and eat them for every meal !

    Peachy in Utah

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Fettuccini with Chicken & Broccoli