We use premium white-meat chicken.


Fettuccini with Chicken & Broccoli

A true Marie Callender's® classic, this delicious dish has fettuccini pasta tossed with tender chunks of white-meat chicken and broccoli in a classic Alfredo sauce made with Parmesan and Romano cheeses.

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Full and tasty

These are lite on your stomach keeps you very full and its only five hundred calories can't beat that


For $2.00 and only 500 calories This is GREAT!!!!

Just had this one for the first time and i'm on a diet. My other "eat right meals" were more expensive, had much more of a bland flavor and have the same calories as Marie Callenders. This is a NO BRAINER!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Cheers, ~Furious~


Terrible - Could Not Finish This Meal!

Of all the frozen dinners I have ever eaten, this was by far the worst. Why would anyone recommend this? The chicken with all its by-products in it tasted like I believe cardboard would taste. The sauce was too little and too watery. A waste of my money!


was not impressed

my husband enjoyed the fettuccini,, i have the meat and roast potatoes with green beans and it was terrible... meat ok dry beans were bad... so the next week we try roast beef and mashed potatoes.. it was mushy... they were on sale for five dinners for ten dollars so we bought a varied of meals... so far not too happy .. i know they are just tv dinners ... but usually i find good ones... we love the pot pies and have tried all favors... from now on we'll stick to the pot pies.. hope the dinners get better we still have two of the fried chicken in freezer.. we will see what happens thankyou jacki conwe;;


don't bother buying this

For the last two years or so I have been buying different marie callender's meals and it used to be great , I could count on having a decent meal when I got home but lately about 2 out of 5 meals I buy are not useable due to the seal not being correct . The lasagna is the worst for not being sealed , I have bought three of them in the last month and not one had a correct seal , and now tonight I open up the meal I am reviewing and here we go again seal completely screwed up I can't even imagine having that poor of a quality control system to allow something like this to get through but there it is . I have decided that even at half the price it isn't worth buying these meals just to be disappointed when you go to cook it and find that now I have to go out for dinner so I get to pay for two meals but only eat one yet again .


#1 FAN!!!!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this dish....soooooooooo good. I just wish you provided just a wee bit more. Please send me coupons....thanks!



Ok, My Mom has been purchasing these meals since I was in grade school! Though it tastes perfectly fine as it is, I tend to doctor them up with a little garlic salt and pepper .. really sets it off! I think i have acquired some form of addiction to these meals! The sauce is rich and creamy, broccoli cooked to perfection, noodles are wonderful .. not too soft, & the chicken is very well done. Granted, sometimes u can come across a bristle in the meat, but that's only confirmation that the products used are all REAL. OVERALL, this is probably the Best and ONLY Frozen Dinner I Would Eat and Suggest.

Jane Doe

Satisfying & Creamy

I eat very few frozen dinners, but I do have this one as a guilty pleasure. Satisfies my need for some creamy Alfredo. The chicken is better than other frozen dinners. The sauce, I have found to be creamy and rich. The only thing that I would suggest for improvement would be to add more broccoli. For a quick meal, this satisfies.



The first time I tried this meal i fell in love, the sauce and pasta/chicken were cooked seperate pouches and the alfredo was so creamy and i loved the idea of adding the sauce, that was by far the best frozen meal ever. However your meals now are of low quality, contain hardly any sauce and the chicken is fatty. Please rethink your choices, the quality was what made this brand special. Sad to say i will no longer spend money on this product until the quality is restored.


fettuccini with chicken & broccoli

this used to be delicious but the last time I bought it the quality had deteriorated no chunks of chicken just pieces of shredded chicken, the whole product taste is poor have you changed the recipe or what?


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