Fettuccini with Chicken & Broccoli

A true Marie Callender's® classic, this delicious dish has fettuccini pasta tossed with tender chunks of white-meat chicken and broccoli in a classic Alfredo sauce made with Parmesan and Romano cheeses.

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This is the Greatest

You got this one down pat I can eat this any time and Please dont fix it just leave greatness alone!!!!!!!!!!!



My sister turned me on to this one. It is my favorite so far for a quick lunch or good dinner in a snap.


tasty, quick meal

When my wife is out with friends, or as she was recently visiting out of town it's really great to have a meal I can toss into the microwave when I get home from work. I had decided to give the Fettucinni with Chicken & Broccoli a try and was an instant fan. Nice size pieces of chicken with an amazing sauce. Instantly decided to give the other entrees a try and haven't been disappointed yet.


Always Delicious

This is my all time favorite frozen dinner from any brand. I will never eat any similar product from any other brand. It literally makes my day better when I know that if I don't feel like making anything after a long day of classes and work, I can open my freezer and pull one of these out. Keep up the good work on this fantastic product and never change it!

Big Bad Mouse


I absolutely love this dish! I love the chucks of chicken and the creamy sauce makes it so yummy! I can never get enough of this dish! My all time favorite!


Love this meal!

The quantity was awesome, it didn't leave you hungry and the taste was better that a restaurants.

Chicken Lover


excellent, I've been eatting them for lunch everyday. my favorite is Fettuccini with Chicken & broccoli. Thanks Marie for this dish.

popado81, pa

Excellent dinner!

The picture on the box is exactly what you get inside. It is so delicious and creamy with brocolli and big bites of tender chicken. By far my favorite!



I love almost all of Marie Callender's meals, but the Fettucchini Alfredo with Chicken and Brocolli is by far the best! The noodles are perfect and the sauce is creamy and homemade tasting. Also, I have had very good chicken in the meal. Which can be hard to find in frozen dinners.


my fav!!!!!!

this is my all time fav thing to eat in the whole world.when i was little and my mom wanted to make me super happy she would buy me these.and my little sisters do too now.we would fight on who got to eat the last one.


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