Marie's Story

A Heritage of Homemade Taste

Quality Ingredients Make the Difference

Savoring the Special Touches

Nurturing Families with Food

From the time she was a little girl, Marie Callender believed the simple act of slowing down to savor and share a good meal made from wholesome ingredients and special touches could strengthen the bonds between friends and family.

When Marie sold the family car in the 1940s to open a pie and coffee shop, people quickly fell in love with her recipes featuring high-quality ingredients and made-from-scratch care. It wasn't long before her shop expanded into a chain of restaurants. And, eventually, into the legendary meals and desserts you find at the grocery store today.

Today, Marie's philosophy of taking time to savor can be seen in all the special touches in her desserts and meals. It's those little extras—from real ingredients to hearty portions—that make a meal look and taste just like it's made from scratch.

These days, life seems more fast-paced than ever. Marie's meals are there to remind us that the comfort of a great meal or dessert can still bring people together. So slow down and savor the goodness of Marie Callender's.

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Life goes by in the blink of an eye. See how Marie Callender’s homemade meals and desserts help you savor every precious moment.

From my kitchen to yours since 1948.