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Lattice Cherry Pie

For a twist on the classic Cherry Pie, we've topped perfectly sweetened, plump cherries with our flaky and elegant lattice crust. Simply bake to a golden brown, sprinkle with sugar crystals, and savor the goodness.

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The filling has the right amount of tart and sweet. The crust is flaky and I like the option of adding the sugar crystals, so you can put on as much or as little as you like.

Pie Lover

The best cherry pie ever

This is the best cherry pie I have had in a long time. I will never buy anything else but your cherry pie and your dutch apple pie. The best ever pies. Thank-you very much.


Awesome Cherry Pie

This is the BEST cherry pie I have ever tasted! Have trouble finding the lattice crust in all of he stores,but Kroger's carries it. DELICIOUS!



This is the best Cherry pie. The crust is better than any frozen or fresh pie I have ever had. It's flaky and cooks up just right and really full of Cherry filling. We don't buy any other brand and have tried them all. :)


Great cherry pie

If you are a cherry pie enthusiast as I am you will love this pie. I don't know why I even get a different flavor I end up wishing I got this flavor instead. If I have a choice I always get Cherry pie. This one is much better than any of the fresh baked one in the supermarket bakery. It has lots of cherries and the crust is flaky and perfect. No one will complain if you serve this pie.


Very good but do not like the trans fat

the pie is very good, would eat it more often if the trans fat were removed. It is a problem for people with too much cholesterol. Everything else is very tasty!


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