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Razzleberry Pie

The perfect pairing of ripe, red raspberries and sweet, juicy Marionberries are baked together in Marie Callender's® legendary flaky pastry crust. This combination is daring, delightful and downright delicious.

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Great filling and crust with out all the mess and work to make from scratch!


great pie

The best pie we have ever eaten. I fill my freezer with these when they are on sale. Love all your products but this is our favorite dessert by far.



My favorite pie of all time. Not to sweet, not too tart, just right. Could eat an entire pie all by myself :)


Absolutely Delicious!

You'll have a guarenteed Crowd Pleaser when paired with Heavy Cool Whip or Icecream.


Good combination of flavors

The raspberry and Marionberries made a tremendous blend so it wasn't too tart nor too sweet. We all loved it. Cooked up nice. I follow what I saw on a show once -- took it out of the foil and slid the pie into one of my glass pie dishes to cook. No spilling. No problems. Took one hour to cook.



This is the only pie I ever eat from the frozen section. It is just like homemad, the crust is so tasty. This is a must have for any occasion, even just to celebrate a Monday!


Razzleberry Pie VS Local Premier Bakery

I made some extra money yesterday fixing a friend's computer. The next street over has a Premier Bakery that I have been going to periodically since childhood. So I went in to see if they had any combination berry pies. They had an apple, cherry, blueberry. I bought it and took it home and tried it with high expectations..It was good but not great, and in my opinion did not nearly measure up to the tartness of the berries and cookie like taste of the crust of the RAZZLEBERRY PIE. Marie certainly has it perfected at half the price.


razzelberry pie

The front of box says: Raspberries and Marionberries However, the ingredients list: Blackberries, Raspberrries & Apples!!! So, what does it contain? and What are Marionberries????? Love the pie, and my family does too, but we would like to know the contents......thanks - all pies are wonderful...........


Better'n my Grandma's

The thing about Marie Callender's pies is the crust. Tender and a wonderful flavor. Plenty of berries in the delicious filling. By the way the filling itself is not too sweet. Just right to compliment the tang of the berries. But again; the thing that sets Marie Callender's pies apart is that wonderful crust. Try it; you'll love it!


most awesome pie!

Tried this for the first time today and it was so incredible!!!! I am hooked! Can't wait to have it again!


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