We make this pie with raspberries and marionberries.

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Razzleberry Pie

The perfect pairing of ripe, red raspberries and sweet, juicy Marionberries are baked together in Marie Callender's® legendary flaky pastry crust. This combination is daring, delightful and downright delicious.

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Best Pie EVER !

In my opinion Mary Callenders Razzleberry Pie is the best Pie I have ever tasted. You couldn't bake it better ! It is beyond restaurant quality ! It is the perfect pie. It is hard to wait but if you want to eat it hot you do need to wait at least 40 minutes to wait for it to begin to set however it is delicious cold as well !

Pie Lover

Incredibly delicious

I had tried this pie many years ago when it was recommended by a dear friend. It has always been one of my very favorites This week I bought it again with a friend, who had never tried the pie. She just thought it was unbelievably fantastic. It is the best!! She is now hooked. In fact, we are having friends over for dinner this week, and that's what our dessert is going to be again.



I just heard of these pies. One of the best bought pies I've ever tasted. I am going to try My hand at a home made razzledazzle pie tonight.


Consumer Affairs
August 19, 2014

Thanks for giving it a try, so happy you enjoyed it! We hope you'll try other flavors of our pies too.

Razzleberry has always been our fave, but now...

We have always LOVED this pie, but lately it has acquired a chemical aftertaste, and the crust, though still with the great texture it's always had, now has a hint of a funny off taste, almost like...old lard? Not sure. Though there were still plenty of berries in the filling, the crust also seems to have been thickened so that they have to put less filling in. So disappointed! PLEASE bring back the old recipe--it was truly the best, and one of the few storebought pies I would actually serve others.


Something Has Changed

I have been buying MC's Razzleberry Pie for years, which both me and my husband used to enjoy. When I served him a slice after dinner tonight, he asked me to show him the box. He checked to see if the pie had expired or if i had mistakenly purchased a sugar-free version. He said that the filling has a chemical taste. I tried my piece and agreed that it did not taste like the previous pies I purchased. Has the recipe changed? If so, it's for the worse. I have been asked not to purchase it again. The remainder of the pie is going into the garbage.


Very good

This product is yummy. More berries would be even better.


great pie

The best pie we have ever eaten. I fill my freezer with these when they are on sale. Love all your products but this is our favorite dessert by far.


SO dissapointed with the new version of the Razzleberry Pie.

This was your best pie in my opinion and now you've changed it so it's not even enjoyable as the old version. I miss that pie sooo much, it was just like homemade


why did it have to change?

Our family has always loved Marie Callender's Razzleberry pie and have raved about it to friends. We just bought and baked one yesterday and were so disappointed. The crust was every bit as good as ever, but the filling was like eating thickened juice - only found 2 berries in my piece! What we used to like about it was the plentiful fruit in the pie - like a home made pie. info from the box: 5446333900 best by Nov. 25 2015 Thanks for all the good pies in the past!

fruit pie lover

Better'n my Grandma's

The thing about Marie Callender's pies is the crust. Tender and a wonderful flavor. Plenty of berries in the delicious filling. By the way the filling itself is not too sweet. Just right to compliment the tang of the berries. But again; the thing that sets Marie Callender's pies apart is that wonderful crust. Try it; you'll love it!


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