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Carrot Cakes

Moist, rich, and delicious Marie Callender's® Carrot Cake is the perfect blend of our flavored-to-perfection cake along with real cream cheese frosting. It's the perfect way to slow down and enjoy one of life's simple pleasures.

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My husband and I just finished eating, or should I say enjoying, your single-serve carrot cakes. They were moist and full of flavor. We loved them but would like to see it in a larger cake as well. We love Marie Callender products!



This carrot cake is very yummy. Can't wait to try the red velvet one too.


Carrot Cakes

This is the best "store bought" dessert on the market - when you can find it. Others must like it as good as I do.


24 Karat Gold

This is by far the best frozen carrot cakes. Perfect when you crave carrot cake but no one in your family likes carrot cake. Pineapple, nuts what more would you want!


Loved it!

I also hope you make this available in a larger cake, it is the best carrot cake I have had and though my husband had never cared for carrot cake he loved this one .



best carrot cake i've ever had anywhere! please make full size this cake is crazy!! YUMI! GOOD ; )


This is a very good carrot cake.

This is the best carrot cake I have had in a long time. I wish the restaurant would sell this.


Carrot Cake

It would be a pleasure to see the Carrot Cake single serving become a FAMILY SIZE BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS!! I had a friend to recommend the indiviual serving of Carrot Cake and it was worth the 300 calories plus some!!!!! My girlfriend brought one for me and I brought one for us the following week and wanted to steal her portion because it was so Goooooooooood as my girlfriend said, It was so good, we never wanted it to end.

Carrot Cake


OMG, the Carrot Cake Single-Serve is the BEST!!! Literally chunks of walnuts in EVERY bite! So happy you came out with this little treat!


Reminds me of Mom's homemade Carrot Cake

I love these, and they are hard to find. I would love to see this in a full-size cake dessert! Please consider, they taste fabulous!

Lovin' Carrot Cake - Pat

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