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Small Cherry Berry Pie

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87% recommend this product.

Treat yourself to glazed cherries and blueberries, topped with cinnamon-sugar, in our signature golden, flaky, made-from-scratch crust.

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  • Excellent Pie!

    I am a baker and sometimes you just crave a pie you have no time to make. That is exactly what happened to me this week. I purchased this single serve cherry pie and found it fantastic! The fruit was plump and cured my craving for cherry pie. You will love this pie if you bake it. I can't say what a microwave would do to the crust, I like crunchy crust.

    Lizlo in Goodland, Florida

  • Excellent splurge.

    Counting on the fruit to make it a little healthier I recently ate this little pie for supper with vanilla yogurt on top. I baked it in the oven on a cookie sheet (in the paper "tin") and the crust was very good, not gooey on the bottom. I would never even try a pie in the microwave. The filling was delicious and not too sweet, almost all berries/cherries and with a nice subtle cinnamon flavor in the top crust. I have been sick so thought I deserved some comfort and the pie was perfect! The vanilla yogurt (Yoplait) was just right to add some low-calorie protein luxury instead of ice cream

    Jphat in South Dakota

  • 2 two share.

    My Mom bought this, and cooked it up. the whole house smelled like a cherry pie! there was more then enough for the both of us to have a peice, it was nice to being able to sit down with her and just able to to have a special moment Thank you Marie Callenders for the yummy pie but also for the memory. :)

    cpeters780 in chandler az

  • This is absolutely delicious!

    I love the cherries and my husband likes the blueberries. The crust has a sweet, buttery flavor and everything just works together perfectly. Love it!

    wndsrfgrl in Houston, TX

  • loved it

    had the cherry berry, one of the best pies MC puts out. crust and filling equally yummy!

    BC in OHio

  • Don't Buy this Pie Unless You Want to Become Addicted

    This is the best of Marie Callender's pies. Sweet yet tart, it is scrumptious! If you can find it, try it. You will fall in love with this fabulous little pie with its wonderful, flaky crust!

    Twug in Myrtle Beach, SC

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Small Cherry Berry Pie