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Small Cherry Berry Pie

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Treat yourself to glazed cherries and blueberries, topped with cinnamon-sugar, in our signature golden, flaky, made-from-scratch crust.

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  • Super!

    Just got through enjoying the cherry berry pie. It cooked well in the microwave and was tasty from first bite to last. Got one cherry stem, but was no bother at all. I will have several more!

    bill2229 in Memphis, TN, USA

  • Simple and so sweet to eat!

    The cherry berry pie is one of the best fruit pies I have ever tasted. The crust is light and flakey with just the right amount of sweetness, and the cherry and berry filling is to die for. The ease of preparation is simple and easy as well. I like to take it hot from the oven and top it with a scoop of fresh vanilla ice cream. It is so good and it tickles your taste buds in all the right places. It's simply fantastic.

    Steve in New York

  • loved it

    had the cherry berry, one of the best pies MC puts out. crust and filling equally yummy!

    BC in OHio

  • my family LOVES these.

    The peach is bland, but the Apple and this Cherry Berry are fantastic!!!!!!! These are great dessert for my kids, and a great treat for me after the kids have gone to bed. Please don't stop making these...ever.

    Jeff R in San Diego

  • Excellent splurge.

    Counting on the fruit to make it a little healthier I recently ate this little pie for supper with vanilla yogurt on top. I baked it in the oven on a cookie sheet (in the paper "tin") and the crust was very good, not gooey on the bottom. I would never even try a pie in the microwave. The filling was delicious and not too sweet, almost all berries/cherries and with a nice subtle cinnamon flavor in the top crust. I have been sick so thought I deserved some comfort and the pie was perfect! The vanilla yogurt (Yoplait) was just right to add some low-calorie protein luxury instead of ice cream

    Jphat in South Dakota

  • Absolutely Divine!

    I had some unexpected company for Christmas Dinner and not enough dessert. Luckily I had recently bought a couple of the small Berry pies with coupons I got online. The pies microwaved to perfection. They're really big, so I cut them in half and served then w/ some fresh whipped cream. This generated a whole table full of ooohs and aaahs! The next day we stocked our freezer w/ these and the Peach Pies (heavenly) and have been happy ever since. Good job, Marie!

    Geanna in Virginia

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Small Cherry Berry Pie